The Da Vinci Code Protest Hits the Philippines

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Dr. Jose Maria Alcasid, President of the Philippine Crusade for the Defense of Christian Civilization, has launched an effort to protest the upcoming Da Vinci Code film in the Philippines.

The effort consists in sending a letter to each of the Filipino Bishops, urging them to condemn the film and encourage the faithful to boycott it. An unedited template of the letter reads: “Knowing Your Excellency’s compelling duty to teach, govern and sanctify the faithful as a successor of the Apostles, we respectfully entreat Your Excellency to voice out firm opposition and condemnation of The Da Vinci Code movie. We count on you to support our initiative as well as encourage the movie’s boycott among the Catholic faithful.”

Bundled with the letter, Dr. Alcasid sent each bishop a copy of The American TFP’s hard-hitting book, Rejecting The Da Vinci Code which, as the letter describes, “aims to increase public awareness and refutes the malicious lies and distortions being perpetrated by Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.”

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