Events of 2009

TFP Supporters and Friends Protest V-Monologues

On March 8, TFP supporters and friends gathered to pray a public rosary of reparation to protest the performance of “The V***** Monologues” at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. Dozens of those who participated the day before in the annual … Continue reading

Students Question Darwinian Evolution on Campus

It was a cold Monday morning at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania on Feb. 16. Students were roaming throughout the campus, busy with their daily routine of classes and studies, when TFP Student Action volunteers raised an American flag and a … Continue reading

Honoring the TFP Founder in Washington

On the day after the January 22 March for Life in the nation’s capital, the TFP held a special reception at its McLean, Va. center for local friends and supporters as well as for foreign pro-life delegations who came to … Continue reading

2009 Winter Camp: Be Like Eagles, Not Toads

The words echoed across the Pennsylvania hills as the boys shouted enthusiastically: “It is better to be an eagle for a minute then a toad for a lifetime.” This is what the boys proclaimed during games at the TFP’s 2008-2009 … Continue reading

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