April 14, 2009 – Protecting Traditional Marriage in Nashua

April 14, 2009 Early today, as we stepped into Norton’s Café for breakfast, the locals sipping their morning coffee looked curious to know what nine young men were doing in town so early, dressed in suit and tie. After we proudly said grace – something you hardly see anymore – their curiosity … Read more

April 13 – Defending God’s Marriage in the Granite State

This time, we’re off to New England. The van is well loaded with fliers, banners, and a set of bagpipes. Everyone “on board” shares the same joy and desire to be on the road again, defending traditional marriage, traveling from city to city, campus to campus. Let me introduce the members of … Read more

“Catholic Action: Why the Need?”

"Catholic Action: Why the Need?" 1

On March 21-22, Tradition, Family Property-Louisiana and America Needs Fatima held two regional one-day conferences in Louisiana centered on the theme of the need for Catholic action. The setting for the first conference was Grand Coteau, one of Louisiana’s charming historic towns. Land of the Acadians The first talk of the day … Read more

Protecting the Family on Saint Joseph’s Day

Protecting the Family on Saint Joseph’s Day 1

The feast day of Saint Joseph was a perfect day to rally in defense of the innocence of children at the Topeka Shawnee County Public Library in Topeka, Kansas. One of the titles of Saint Joseph is “Protector of the Holy Family.” How appropriate then was the protest of friends and supporters … Read more

Father Jenkins, Urgently Reconsider!

How the Homosexual Movement Infiltrates Catholic Colleges and Subverts the Truth 1

  In a March 25 letter to the President of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) has registered its vehement opposition at his decision to have our nation’s president speak at the commencement and receive a Doctor … Read more

To Le Monde: Leave The Church Alone!

On March 18, Le Monde newspaper offended millions of Catholic worldwide when it published a sacrilegious cartoon depicting Our Lord handing out condoms from a boat to the excited masses. The American TFP is asking Catholics to protest. The cartoon reads: “The multiplication of the condoms followed the multiplication of the loaves.” … Read more

Expanding Horizons in Hazleton

Expanding Horizons in Hazleton 4

If the goal of the meetings at the crowded event was to expand horizons with new insight and ideas, the place could not have been better. From the meeting room on the mountain top restaurant, there was a spectacular view of the Conyngham Valley near Hazleton, Penn. The event was the March … Read more

Anti-Catholic Bill Stalls as Faithful React

Anti-Catholic Bill Stalls as Faithful React 1

Chanting “Leave the Church alone! Leave the Church alone!” 4,200 faithful Catholics gathered outside the State Capitol Building in Hartford, Connecticut, on Wednesday to oppose Senate Bill 1098. The proposed bill directly attacks the hierarchical nature of the Catholic Church and attempts to usurp the rightful authority of bishops and pastors in … Read more

Gathering Together at TFP’s Kansas Regional Conference

Gathering Together at TFP’s Kansas Regional Conference 3

On March 7, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and America Needs Fatima held their annual Kansas Regional Conference at the Ramada Inn in Topeka. A group of ninety attended this information-packed event. The day began with a presentation by TFP member Byron Whitcraft, who spoke … Read more