TFP Supporters and Friends Protest V-Monologues

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On March 8, TFP supporters and friends gathered to pray a public rosary of reparation to protest the performance of “The V***** Monologues” at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. Dozens of those who participated the day before in the annual TFP Kansas Regional Conference also came to the protest.

Washburn University is a taxpayer-funded state university. By having the performance on campus, taxpayers were forced to contribute to this pornographic display. According to the Cardinal Newman Society’s website (, the play is a collection of vulgarities, obscenities and explicit discussions of sexuality and sexual encounters including lesbian activity.

The rally began an hour and a half before the performance began. The Rosary, Litany of Loreto and other prayers were offered in reparation and for conversion. Between decades of the rosary, participants prayed the Fatima prayer which took on special meaning under the circumstances: “My God I believe, I adore, I hope and I love Thee, I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love Thee.”

Signs carried by participants read: “Virgin Most Pure, Pray for Us,” “Saint Maria Gorretti, Pray for Us,” “Respect Women, Don’t Dishonor Them With Pornography,” “Don’t Use Tax Dollars for Pornography,” and “Purity Is the Answer, Not Pornography.”

The protest took place at the edge of the university campus at the entrance to the parking lot for the theater. Right across the street is the Catholic Campus Center.

A local assistant parish priest was offering Mass at the center. After Mass, the priest and some parishioners came over to talk with the protesters. From the window, Father had seen the statue of Our Lady, that is always present during TFP public rosaries in Topeka. He was extremely supportive of the public rosary and protest and gave his priestly blessing to all present.

Another incident happened in the middle of the rosary when a motorcyclist drove by. Observing everyone in prayer and the statue of Our Lady, he immediately turned his engine off and did not restart it until after passing by the crowd. This man was obviously touched and responded in a most respectful manner — almost like a salute.

Attendance was good, and everyone stayed until the very end before departing in a dignified manner. Both young and old in attendance were happy to have had the honor of defending the virtue of purity and opposing a notoriously impure and immoral display on campus.

Protesting V....... Monologues
Protesting V……. Monologues


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