What Will Really STOP School Shootings? Not Leftist Walkouts

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When my grandparents were young
…they never heard of serial school shootings.
So what’s causing all the school shootings now?
CNN blames guns.
But guns existed before…
and we already have about 20,000 gun laws in place.
The problem is bigger and deeper.
The problem is in the hearts of men…
because our culture has grown cold to truth, beauty and goodness.
The 10 Commandments have been forgotten
Plus, drugs…
Immoral TV…
Disrespect for the Flag…
and a general coarsening of society…
Broken families…
violent and vulgar video games pollute minds…
and public schools teach that a boy can be a girl, which is a lie.
Where are all the adults to call out these lies?

Learn All About the Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our TimesWhat Will Really STOP School Shootings? Not Leftist Walkouts

Plus… and this is a big one…
150 babies are killed every hour…
and politicians shrug and say “choice.”
They pretend it’s OK to “choose” to kill unborn babies
But it’s not OK to choose to pray in school.
All of this offends God very much.
GOD has been excluded from our daily lives…
and morals are not taught anymore.
Everyone: Wake up!
If we focus on the symptoms and not the problem…
what will the next generation look like?

What Will Really STOP School Shootings?

We have to return to GOD in a major way to heal our brokenness.
So, today, students at St. Louis de Montfort Academy are taking a stand.
We encourage you to pray for America.
Pray for conversion.
Pray for families.
Pray for our leaders.
Fight to restore moral values.
Pray to end abortion.
Because without God and His Holy Mother — we won’t find true peace.
What good are 20,000 gun laws without the 10 Commandments?
Please spread the word. Please — pray and share this video today.

Director: Joseph Wagner (12th grade)
Narration: Samuel Zuiker (10th grade)
Music advisor: Stephen Howard (12th grade)

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