Vladimir Putin Does Not Represent the anti-Davos Party

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Vladimir Putin Does Not Represent the anti-Davos Party
Russian President Vladimir Putin shaking hands with Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum.

The future of the war on Ukraine will depend on how it is framed. If the public can be convinced that the motive of the war is based on something greater than coveted territory and nationalist ambitions, people might look with sympathy at the Russian invaders.

Nowhere is this framing more evident than in the discourse of those who claim the war is a conflict between Western globalist elites and Russian nationalist defenders. Many commentators have presented Russian President Vladimir Putin as the world’s champion against these globalist elites, especially those who gather at Davos yearly to determine the world’s next steps forward and “reset” priorities.

The Testimony of Archbishop Viganò

This narrative was recently presented by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, in a video address to the Founding Congress of the International Movement of Russophiles in Moscow this March.

This strange archbishop claims the baton of the Faith has been passed to the Russian Orthodox Church. Thus, Russia is “the last bastion of civilization against barbarism.” He specifically warns against Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. He quotes Vladimir Putin, who says these global figures aim “to create a society of slaves subservient to the Davos elite.”

Archbishop Viganò frames the war as a battle against a Davos “reset” agenda and presents Russia as a longstanding enemy of this plan. He said, “We need an Anti-Globalist Alliance that returns to citizens the power that has been taken from them, and to nations, the sovereignty eroded and ceded to the Davos lobby. The Russian Federation will play a decisive role in this effort.”

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Thus, such declarations would seem to say that anyone recently associated with Davos is at least suspect of collaboration with the enemy. These statements also ignore many separate Western efforts that rightly denounce the anti-Christian goals of the Davos meetings.

A False Narrative

The problem with this anti-Davos narrative is that it is false. Until the Ukrainian war broke out in February 2022, Russia had always been an ardent supporter of the Davos conference. Its officials, including Vladimir Putin, have long mingled with the Davos elites. POLITICO reports that the Russian president has had ties with Klaus Schwab since the early nineties. He has spoken at the event several times. Indeed, Schwab introduced Putin at the virtual Davos gathering in January of 2021.

The Roscongress Foundation, a promoter of Russian interests at Davos, reported on a pre-COVID meeting of Vladimir Putin with World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab in St. Petersburg in 2019.

During the encounter, the Russian president addressed Schwab, saying, “We have always maintained relations with your forum that you founded, and we will continue to support it. And, of course, Russian representatives have always taken part and will take part in the events you hold.”

Klaus Schwab responded in kind, saying: “It has always been important for me that Russian representatives take part in our events in Davos. This has always been of particular importance to me.”

This cooperation between Davos and Putin continued even during the disruptive COVID years until the Ukrainian war. It was not the Russians who cut off relations with Davos (many oligarchs registered for the 2022 event) but the Davos directors who were forced to cut the links to comply with international sanctions.

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Thus, any hostility toward Davos is a recent 2022 development, not a relentless effort developed over the years to combat globalist elites.

Not a Passive Participation

The participation of Russia in Davos was not passive but robust. One of the multifunctional venues for meetings between participants at the Davos annual meeting was a place called Russian House. Since 2018, the location has hosted members of the official Russian delegation, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders.

In 2020, POLITICO reported that over 2,000 guests from 85 countries met at Russian House. They were joined by numerous media representatives covering events at the site. The House is known for its elaborate, rowdy and expensive parties.

In other words, there is little evidence of past antagonism between Russian leaders and Davos elites. Indeed, the Russian participants, including Mr. Putin and many oligarchs, acted as globalist elites. During all this time, the Russian contingent made no effort to denounce the Davos conspiracy to form the “society of subservient slaves” mentioned by Archbishop Viganò.

Neither Davos nor Dugin

The change of attitude toward Davos happened only after the Ukrainian invasion. The framing of the war as an anti-Davos response does not correspond to the reality of past collaboration. It would seem to fit more with the nationalist ambitions expounded by Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin and his “fourth political theory.” His agenda would necessitate a hard break with the West like that provoked by the Ukrainian attack to force the formation of a “multipolar” world.

Regardless of which false narrative is adopted—Davos or Dugin—both exclude Our Lady’s 1917 Fatima solution. The true path can only be this Fatima call for worldwide moral regeneration. It promises Russia’s conversion and Our Lady’s triumph.

Photo Credit: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS – World Economic Forum

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