Science Confirms: Angels Took the House of Our Lady of Nazareth to Loreto

How did the Holy House take off from its foundations and reappear intact about 2,000 miles away, where it remains to this day?

At a conference organized by the “Amici del Timone” Cultural Center in Staggia Senese, Italy, titled “The Story of the Incredible Move of the House of Mary of Nazareth to Loreto,” a topic was developed which challenges engineering.

Indeed, the Holy House, birthplace of Our Lady and where the Archangel Gabriel announced to her the Incarnation, has been for many centuries in the town of Loreto (Santa Casa di Loreto), in the Marche region of Italy, facing the Adriatic Sea.

However, the Annunciation took place in Nazareth, in the Holy Land, where the foundations of the Holy House remain to this day. When compared with the dimensions and characteristics of the Loreto House, they match perfectly; but the similarities and concordances do not end there.

How did the Holy House take off, so to speak, from its foundations and reappear about 2,000 miles away, where it remains intact to this day?

According to historical evidence, the move took place in the thirteenth century; but how could it have been done given the poor technological resources of the time?

The move is attributed to an angelic action officially recognized by Popes and sustained by saints. However, such authoritative approvals are not intended to explain the material procedure, which carried an object the size of a house from one continent to another practically overnight.

This transfer, however, was confirmed by historical, documentary and archaeological evidence. Once again, for the astonishment of many, science confirms the Church.

Prof. Giorgio Nicolini, who devoted his life of study and research to the case, spoke at this conference. Based on these scientific evidences, he proved indisputably the veracity of the miraculous transfer.

During his lecture, Professor Nicolini demonstrated the existence of many documents and eyewitness accounts of the transfer, which science and human method cannot explain. He also established a chronology of the change of location.

1.  On May 9, 1291, the Holy House was still in Nazareth.

2.  On the night of May 9 to 10, 1291, it traveled nearly 2,000 miles and reached Tersatto (now Trsat), in the region of Dalmatia, in what is now a suburb of Rijeka, Croatia.

On that occasion, Nicolò Frangipane, feudal lord of Tersatto personally sent a delegation to Nazareth to ascertain whether the Holy House had indeed disappeared from its original place. The emissaries not only verified its disappearance but found the foundation on which the house was built and from which the walls had been taken away as a block. Around these foundations in Nazareth, the Basilica of the Annunciation was built. In Loreto, the Holy House stands firmly, without its foundation, directly on the ground.

3.  On the night of December 9 to 10, 1294, the Holy House disappeared from Tersatto and landed “in various places” of Italy. For nine months it stayed on a hillside overlooking the port of Ancona, which thus came to be called “Posatora,” from the Latin “posat et ora” (to set down, or land, and pray).

A church was built on the site as a memorial, as was recorded at the time and signed by a priest “Don Matteo,” probably an eyewitness.

Two tombstones also commemorate this occurrence. One is from the same time period of the event and is written in old Vulgar Latin. The other, from the sixteenth century, is written in vernacular and is a copy of the older.

Posatora’s oldest tombstone already mentioned “Our Lady of Loreto,” making it clear that the inscription was done after the House’s departure from the site.

4.  In 1295, after nine months in Posatora, the Holy House moved to a forest that belonged to a woman called Loreta, near the town of Recanati. That is where the name Loreto comes from.

5.  Between 1295 and 1296, after spending eight months in this location the Holy House was miraculously transported to a farm on Mount Prodo belonging to two brothers of the Antici family.

6.  In 1296, after four months at this farm, the Holy House departed and landed on a public road on Mount Prodo connecting Recanati to Ancona, where it remains to this day.

Countless other elements attest to the historical truth of this inexplicable translation of the Holy House. Three churches were built in Ancona—two still existing—testaments that eyewitnesses saw the “flying” Santa Casa arrive in Ancona and stop in Posatora.

Moreover, in Forio, on Ischia Island, fishermen who traded with Ancona returned narrating the events that had taken place in 1295. Their reports led the city inhabitants to erect a basilica dedicated to “Santa Maria di Loreto.” They also saw the Holy House in Ancona with their own eyes.

Various bishops of the region approved the veneration of the miraculous translations. For centuries the Popes renewed the approvals until Urban VIII, in 1624, definitively established December 10 as the Feast of the Translation of the Holy House of Mary, Mother of God.

Several Popes, including Paul II, Julius II, Leo X, Pius IX, Leo XIII and Pius XI documented their recognition of the translation. These respective documents, beyond their religious aspect in which the Popes recognize the event as supernatural, are recognized as valuable documents by historical science.

Professor Nicolini strongly reprimanded the materialistic mentality, at times agnostic, atheistic or Protestant, which seeks to discredit the authenticity of the Holy House venerated in Loreto.

In a way, this opposition encouraged deeper studies, which ended up proving the Holy House actually came from the Holy Land. Proofs include the chemical composition of the material used to build the house, its shape, and many architectural details.

Some, denying the angelic translation, went so far as to fabricate a story that a fanciful princely family from Epirus named “Angeli” had dismantled the house and transported it brick by brick at the request of the Crusaders facing the destructive advance of Muslims. That “family” then rebuilt the house in Loreto.

Such an operation, with the transportation conditions of the thirteenth century, would have been a more miraculous feat than the angelic translation.

The stones and bricks are kept together with a mortar whose physical and chemical composition is found only in Palestine and precisely in the region of Nazareth. They are nonexistent in the Marche region or anywhere else in Italy.

Moreover, if the house was dismantled and rebuilt in place after place along its journey—as claimed by its fanciful objectors—one cannot understand how it could possibly have maintained the exact geometric proportions of the Nazareth house, whose foundations, to this day, match perfectly the walls of Loreto.

Nor would it have been possible that nobody saw or heard the house being dismantled and later rebuilt, especially in the brief span of one night in the center of the shrine in Nazareth and then again in Croatia and Italy.

Even more inexplicable is the fact that the Holy House finally came to rest across an old dirt highway. On this road, the passage of animals and carriages naturally opened ruts in the center of the roadway, raising the roadsides, and forming ditches on both sides. Thus, the way the house landed, its three walls, with no foundation, are supported partly on ground and partly over open air. Today pilgrims can see this for themselves through a glass floor.

The Recanati City Hall, moreover, had already at that time forbidden the building of houses on public roads and had ordered demolished all buildings found to be in violation of the ordinance. How, then, could someone have rebuilt a house cutting across the road without anyone noticing?

Another great hurdle comes from the lack of means in those days to carry an entire house, even if dismantled brick by brick and stone by stone. It would weigh a few tons. Transport by road would have likely been unfeasible due the delay and the amount of chariots, animals and men it would require. Transportation by sea, while more feasible, would also have been too time-consuming and prone to loss due to storms.

More complicated still would be to cut the walls in segments and take them intact on a 2,000 mile journey and then glue them back together without leaving traces of the joints. These material factors, Prof. Giorgio Nicolini explained, postulate the impossibility of such transportation with the technical means of the time.

From Professor Nicolini’s long and detailed demonstration it is clearly much more reasonable to believe the angelic translation resulting from a wondrous work of God, for Whom nothing is impossible, and Who has worked far greater miracles.

For human hands to have performed such a translation is to consider an event even more miraculous than that done by the work of angels.


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  • Silvia Paletta

    I have seen it, but I was very young. I wish I could go back and enjoy the sight even more.

  • Carol

    I think many are lumping all the jews in together…We do have some true jews who followed Andrew,Peter, and the like but the rest are zionists….not of the 12 tribes…there in lies the problem and how it become confusing for the gentiles. I think most of us gentiles believe that it is the expansion of the tribes and not something else all together….I had no idea that Saudi Arabia were really zionist jews. It is a huge sham being perpetrated on innocent and naive folk. And lest not forget, if you turn your back on Israel you turn your back on Jesus and His family so I really do get it why people hang on and are left misunderstanding!

  • Charlotte Wilson

    I believe the translation of the house. What surprises me is the external carvings and casting. I thought Mary would have had a more modest dwelling.

    • Alyce Kroeger Lachman

      This outside has been built around the original house to protect it. That’s why you have to view the bottom through plexiglass as noted in the article in the pictures.

  • Carol

    Don’t you just love God! He did this to save his brides house as a child….How loving He is…He thinks of everything so considerate….I hope we all get to be with our real family! Thank you, Father, please help me to get home with my family to be with You and our Mother….I love you!

  • RichJos

    This is wonderful angelic miracle. However, we have in our Catholic Churches, at every Mass,the Greatest Miracle every given to mankind…Our Eucharistic Lord.

  • Ignatgius

    Visited Loretto twenty years ago on the way back from a pilgrimage to Italy and Croatia. Although it was quite crowded during the day, I went back at about seven in the evening. A Franciscan monk allowed me to stay there all by myself for about fifteen minutes. The inspiration of that experience is one I will never forget.

  • Gwaredd Thomas


    You are correct. “…a [l]and as holy as Palestine”. And, soon, if things keep on going the way they are, will be taken over by the heathen Jooz as they murder and bulldoze every Palestinian along with their homes

    • The Jewish Masonic elite are also repeating history by “opening up the gates to let in the Moorish invaders”, as they did in 15th century Spain. Europe is now being overrun by African Muslim hoards, and does the Church have the courage to point out who own and funds the NGOs that are daily shipping them in by the thousands? The question answers itself.

      • Gwaredd Thomas

        Well, you certainly know your histroy. I can’t argue with anything you’ve written. Cheers from Wales!

        • Pax, brother.

          • Gwaredd Thomas

            And to you as well James. It’s always good to chat with a fellow Celt.
            Yours in Christ.

  • a family member in Faith

    There is no such as Palestine, as you know.
    And Israel is beyond comparison to any ever secular state.

    • The Church is the new Israel. The modern state of Israel was founded in 1948 by anti-Catholic zionist extremists, racial supremacists, and terrorists. I refer to the Holy Land as “Palestine”, because the Palestinians are the indigenous peoples who have rights to that land, not the violent usurpers who have displaced them. The Palestinians are descended from the first Christians. You owe them your support.

      • Gwaredd Thomas

        I hate to say this but this “member in the faith” chap appears to be one of those brain-washed Novus Ordo types who watches the JooStream News.

      • 615GEJ1

        We have not “replaced” Israel, we have been “grafted” into the Olive Tree (study Romans 11). There is still mystery concerning the ten tribes taken captive by the Assyrians that never returned (their descendents are among us) as did Judah and Benjamin from Babylon so that Jesus (Messiah) could be born, conduct His 42 month miracle ministry, be crucified, raised from the dead, and ascend back into Heaven and become the baptizer in the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost as the Church was born. All of this just a few years before Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans. National Israel disappeared from the face of the earth for two thousand years. The nation of Israel was “reborn” in 1948 through a series of miraculous events (fulfilling a myriad of Biblical prophecies”. The mystery is unfolding in our time.

        • You have just articulated the radical Zionist position, which is fundamentally irreconcilable with Catholic theology. Mother Church has always maintained Supersessionism, i.e. the Old Covenant has been replaced and made obsolete (see Hebrews 8:13). Theodore Herzl, the first Zionist, requested an audience with Pope St. Pius X, so that he could present his Zionist sales pitch to the saintly pontiff. Herzl was promptly shown the exit.

    • Gwaredd Thomas

      Then why was it referred to as Palestine in the time of Christ and for centuries thereafter? Maybe you should go back and check scripture along with a bit of history up until 1948.

      • Carol

        You can’t blame them. They have been duped about the jews and the different sects, the zionists…it is easy to have happen , they don’t mention it in church at all…..Listen to General Roy Potter…youtube, he is a man to be reconkend with! God bless you both.

        • Gwaredd Thomas

          Yes, I can blame them since it’s eveyone’s reponsibility to get at the truth. If they’re too lazy then that’s on thier head. No thinking Catholic should ignore these things just because the Church doesn’t mention it. Furthermore, the Vatican has been highjacked by Masons, pedophiles and Jooz for the past 60 years, and make no mistake. If they can’t see that then they’re in a state of willful ignorance.

          I will definately check out the Jewtube video you suggested.

          • TFP is notably silent on the Jewish Question, it seems as a matter of policy. Shame on them.

        • Gwaredd Thomas

          Roy Potter was a Lieutenant Colonel but no matter. I checked out his Youtube account and it’s look interesting. I haven’t had the chance to view any of his vids but I plan on doing so today. Thank you for sharing.

  • Proud mother and friend

    I believe!!

  • Jim too

    This Is such a great story. There is nothing that our God cannot bring about. Is there a film of the Holy House ?

  • jmjriz

    When one considers this alongside the work of the great tektōn, Saint Joseph and his Miraculous Stairway in Santa Fe, New Mexico there is all the more reason to ponder the beauty of this story. The Sisters of Loretto received the spiral staircase to the choir loft and the angels must have helped too.