Victory in Louisiana

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Overwhelming is perhaps the best word to describe it. By a margin of almost 4-to-1 margin, Louisiana voters put a ban on same-sex “marriages” or civil unions in the state Constitution. Undemocratic is perhaps the best word to describe the efforts of pro-homosexual activists to overturn the results of the election.

The amendment defines marriage as being solely a “union of one man and one woman” and prohibits state judges and officials from recognizing same-sex “marriages” and civil unions granted in other states.

Louisiana followed in the footsteps of Missouri that also banned same-sex “marriage.” Similar initiatives are on at least ten other state ballots.

The overwhelming victory surprised both supporters and opponents of the traditional marriage amendment. The measure had the support of the Louisiana Family Forum, a conservative family-issues group, the Roman Catholic bishops of the state, and hundreds of conservative Protestant figures. Every single parish (as counties are called in Louisiana) gave a majority vote to traditional marriage with some parishes registering votes over 90 percent.

Despite such a clear expression of the popular will, the press reports that pro-homosexual opponents are already preparing to challenge the election – not at the ballot box but in the courts. They intend to file challenges to the measure’s constitutionality in state and federal courts where they hope activist judges will be more receptive to their cause.

Such challenges only serve to underscore the great weakness of the homosexual movement which cannot contest its case before the public. Such un-American maneuvers demonstrate a scandalous disregard for the voters.

Far from aiding their cause, the court challenges only serve to galvanize more Americans who are not only offended by a clearly homosexual agenda but also the increasing use of judicial activism to short-circuit traditional governmental processes.

Regardless of what the outcome of the challenges, the overwhelming victory makes it patent before the eyes of all just how unpopular same-sex “marriage” is and just how widespread its rejection has become. The real question is: will liberal activist judges, disconnected from this political reality, chose to ignore this?

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