1,000 Rosary Rallies Celebrate Traditional Marriage

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1,000 Rosary Rallies Celebrate Traditional Marriage
1,000 Rosary Rallies Celebrate Traditional Marriage

The sacrament of marriage, a sacred union between a baptized man and woman, is often undervalued—or worse, totally distorted—by secular society. Between homosexual “marriages,” sexual promiscuity, and “non-traditional” family structures, people have lost touch with what is truly beautiful and essential about marriage—and what God intends it to be.

On March 16, Catholics across America offered a compelling, faith-filled counter-argument to this modern narrative, holding over 1,000 Rosary Rallies. Brave Rosary Rally Captains from America Needs Fatima affirmed the beauty and sanctity of traditional marriage through peaceful displays of public prayer nationwide.

The Importance of Marriage

God’s instructions regarding marriage couldn’t be more clear. In fact, traditional marriage is as fundamental as creation itself: after God takes Eve from Adam’s rib, the book of Genesis reads, “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Gen 2:24).

Scripture also emphasizes the marriage’s integrity. For example, a verse from Hebrews reads, “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral” (13:4). In Ephesians, it says, “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church” (5:22).

Passages like these directly contradict the radical left’s attack on marriage by promoting same-sex unions, polyamory and other aberrations. The America Needs Fatima rallies are a public rejection of these harmful and immoral practices.

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As Jesus said to the Pharisees, “What God has joined together, let not man separate” (Matthew 19:6). Ultimately, marriage is of God. It is not merely a concept for people to twist into whatever fits their disordered passions—but a way that we serve Our Lord.

Testimonials from Rally Captains

America Needs Fatima Rally Captains took to public places all across the country to celebrate traditional marriage with prayer.

Here are a few testimonials and pictures from the over thousand rallies that swept the nation:

“The day started out as cloudy and chilly, which turned into a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and gentle breeze. The location was at the sidewalk on a busy road by Planned Parenthood and a medical Marijuana dispensary clinic in Marietta, Georgia. There were representatives from four parishes in the area. We followed the prayer program promptly at noon. When we sang the hymns, it’s as if the angels were passing by, because the traffic stopped and we could hear our melodic singing. Few drivers honked and gave us a wave. One passerby stopped and asked about the rally and he agreed with what we were doing. Overall, it was a fulfilling experience for everyone. After the prayers, everyone just hung out and introduced themselves to each other. They are enthusiastic about the next rally. Sidenote: I was only expecting eight people in the rally. As with my other rallies, the attendance always exceeded my expectations. As Mother Cabrini said, ‘Start the mission, the Sacred Heart of Jesus will provide the rest,’ through the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary!” – Cristina M., Marietta, Georgia

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Over 1,000 Americans held Rosary Rallies to honor Traditional Marriage this March - Orlando, Florida
Patrick S.’s rally in Orlando, Florida.

“We have been praying the Holy Rosary as a group for the past year or so. We try to meet the third Saturday of every month at Lake Eola Park, a large public park in the heart of downtown Orlando. We make sure to pray the Holy Rosary with a statue of Our Lady in a very prominent and heavily trafficked area of the park as we know that this honors Our Lady more than hiding in some obscure part of the park. Believe me, there are times when I’d rather not be public about my Faith since I’m afraid of the persecution, but that’s just part of being a faithful Catholic. The fear and butterflies normally dissipate after we begin praying. It’s scary and exciting at the same time… part of you wants to hide your Faith, part of you feels so noble for being out in Public and honoring the Queen of Heaven and Earth. The Angels and the Saints are always there with us, praying with us and protecting us from the attacks (interior and exterior) of the devil. Advice for other Rally Captains: we have had several Public Rosary Rallies here, and we always begin by blessing the perimeter with blessed salt/holy water and saying the ‘perimeter prayer’ from Fr. Chad Ripperger’s book deliverance prayer book for the laity. We have never been aggressed and we attribute it to the perimeter prayer.” – Patrick S., Orlando, Florida

1,000 Rosary Rallies Celebrate Traditional Marriage - Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Isabelle D.’s rally in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

“It was the best rosary rally! There were quite a bit of honks, smiles and thumps! One young lady, after the car in front honked and waved, rolled down her window and shouted, ‘Amen!’” – Isabelle, D., Hazleton, Pennsylvania

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Over 1,000 Americans held Rosary Rallies to honor Traditional Marriage this March - Glen Head, New York
Dorota S.’s rally in Glen Head, New York.

“Our Rally took place in Glen Head, New York. We had over twenty people in attendance and two priests. Everyone gathered on Saint Hyacinth’s R.C. church grounds near the busy street. We were visible and we had a microphone so others could hear us praying. The Holy Rosary was prayed in English, Polish, Spanish, and Italian. Many people honked at us in support. There was only one woman who shouted blasphemous words as she drove away quickly. Thank you for coordinating those Rallies. God bless!” – Dorota S., Glen Head, New York

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1,000 Rosary Rallies Celebrate Traditional Marriage - Johnson Bayou, Louisiana
Selina T.’s rally in Johnson Bayou, Louisiana.

“It’s always a blessing to pray the rosary for a special cause and unite our voices with the many groups around the nation! We often pray in the confines of our church walls and our homes, but there is something more bold about doing so publicly and more purposeful (if that’s possible) in doing so in unison with others! We often don’t know the passersby who see us praying while holding the banner and our rosaries during these rallies. This time, one of our fellow townspeople, who is a Protestant, stopped my sister when she saw her later that evening to tell her that she liked our banner. My sister took the opportunity to share the message of uniting our prayers with others around the nation for special intentions. While the banner may be offensive to some, it proclaims the truth according to God. And we must not be ashamed to profess it in a loving manner and offer our prayers for our nation. The Blessed Mother’s intercession will prevail; we must keep the faith and perseverance in prayer, especially the rosary! Our participation in the rosary rallies is a small help in begging heaven for mercy and intercession. It also shows our young ones that we need to be bolder in standing up for our faith and lifting our voices to heaven! We are so grateful to be a part of this great movement!” – Selina T., Johnson Bayou, Louisiana

Over 1,000 Americans held Rosary Rallies to honor Traditional Marriage this March - Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania
Mary B.’s rally in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania.

“Beautiful day and beautiful rosary! Praise God!” – Mary B., Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania

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1,000 Rosary Rallies Celebrate Traditional Marriage - Farragut, Tennessee
John M.’s rally in Farragut, Tennessee.

“We held our rally for traditional marriage today in Farragut, Tennessee, just outside Knoxville. There were 11 of us and then one woman who was passing by in her car noticed us and stopped to pray with us and thanked us for our efforts. Early into the prayers, a car driving by shouted out, ‘GET A LIFE.’ We responded by saying, we are — AN ETERNAL LIFE (with the Holy Trinity).” – John M., Farragut, Tennessee

The Beauty of Traditional Marriage

In the landscape of today’s secular society, the profound beauty of traditional marriage is often neglected and even despised. Yet, the inherent beauty and nature of marriage, a union orchestrated not merely by human love but divine will, remains timeless and unchanging.

It may never be known in this life how many souls are touched with these Rosary Rallies. Hundreds of thousands pass by the rallies, raising the hope that the seeds of future conversions are planted in their minds and hearts.

If you would like to join the America Needs Fatima Public Square Rosary Crusade, sign up today to become a Rally Captain. The Rosary Rallies to Protect Children from LGBTQ Books in Schools and Libraries are just around the corner. Please join this effort. CLICK HERE to hold a Rosary Rally in your community now.

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