TFP Volunteers Encounter Sneering, Spitting and Gratitude at the UW-Madison

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TFP Volunteers Encounter Sneering, Spitting and Gratitude at the UW-Madison
TFP Volunteers Encounter Sneering, Spitting and Gratitude at the UW-Madison

Over spring break, I took part in a TFP caravan that traveled across Wisconsin and Illinois in defense of the innocence of children. This subject is especially important now, as the LGBTQ lobby is forcing itself into public schools and libraries—places where young children are now exposed to indecent materials and drag shows.

On the second day of the tour, we drove to the University of Wisconsin’s primary campus in Madison. I was one among eleven TFP volunteers who made the trip on April 3.

I didn’t know what to expect that morning. It was a very windy day with some snowfall, and I was doubtful that students would want to stand in such unfavorable conditions to engage with us.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

However, soon after we had set up, I realized that this campaign would be a lively one.

It took a few minutes for our message to sink into the minds of the university students. Their faces were marked by curiosity as they read our banner, which read: “Protect Children in Schools and Libraries—Stop the Ravages of LGBT Ideology.”

This sign provoked mixed reactions from the students.

We Endured “Tolerant” Spits, Curses, and Insults

“Tolerant” pro-LGBT students responded with personal insults and vulgar gestures.

One woman screamed, “You are disgusting! Burn in hell!” Several students spat at us. Additionally, they tore up several fliers. One man went so far as to throw the fragments of a flier in the face of a fourteen-year-old caravan member.

Another woman tried to block my colleague, William Siebenmorgen, from crossing the street to get more fliers.

The students accused us of all sorts of things. One man told my friend Joseph Gensens, “You are LARPing; you are pretending to be crusaders!” However, Joseph responded by saying, “No, we are crusaders! I have dedicated my entire life to this fight.”

A Jewish student made fun of us while we were praying the Rosary and insulted our Catholic Faith. Another student mocked us for being chaste and was telling us to give in to our instincts and fall into debauchery.

One incident I found amusing involved a man yelling at us from across the street. He was holding a sign that read “Hate Has No Home Here” and shouted that he would be there all day long. Ironically, once we had finished and were loaded back into the van, we saw him walk past us. He didn’t last more than thirty minutes.

Additionally, they tore up several fliers.

Unscientific Arguments from Biology Students

However, some were willing to engage in a debate. Naturally, the discussion often shifted towards transgenderism since “drag queen story hours” and transgender surgeries for minors pose the greatest threats to the innocence of children. Despite their college education, the arguments they used against us fell short.

One woman tried to argue that the terms “male” and “man” were two different things. She asserted that male refers to biological sex while man relates to gender. She concluded that sex is binary, but gender is not.

The problem with her argument is that gender is a term that was invented in 1955 by the disgraced psychologist John Money, a man who actively promoted pedophilia during his life. Before this use of the word, there was no history of the concept in science or psychology. Gender is a social construct that was created to push the transgender agenda and holds no water in a scientific or psychological debate.

Even the left-leaning Merriam-Webster dictionary defines man as “an adult male human.”

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Another student claimed that his professor taught him that xy and xx and chromosomes do not necessarily signify male and female. My friend Nathan Kinley responded, “He’s wrong, and you know that’s wrong. You should have corrected him.” The student retorted, “That’s what he’s teaching us.” Nathan told the student, “Well, you should get your money back.” The young man was left speechless. The average cost after aid to attend UW-Madison is $17,000 per year.

One man said something even more irrational. He asserted, “The difference of chromosomes isn’t in biology anymore—science changes. My Biology 101 class said that there are more sexes than male and female.”

The problem with this line of argument is that by definition, science is a system of knowledge that deals with truths and laws, both of which are things that cannot change. Thus, the claim that “science changes” falls short in a logical debate. The following quote, taken from the American College of Pediatricians, helped the TFP refute the student’s false claim:

“Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: ‘XY’ and ‘XX’ are genetic markers of health—not genetic markers of a disorder.”

Finding the Good in a Hotbed of Leftists

In spite of all this, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the number of favorable students we met.

For example, when one atheist was telling a TFP member that the majority of Christians are pedophiles, another student overheard and exclaimed, “What? That’s ridiculous!”

I also met two students who were members of a Catholic club on campus. They said that they had seen our videos on YouTube and were eager to watch us debate with liberal students.

One caravanner offered our flier to a student who responded, “No, thank you, but I wholeheartedly agree with everything you are saying.” Another student called his friend and invited him to join our campaign. Two seminarians also expressed their support for what we were doing.

Finally, one young man was filling out our opinion poll, which contained questions relating to basic biological truths. When the student saw the questions, he remarked, “Oh, this is all common sense!”

A Battle That Is Growing More Intense

My biggest takeaway from this campaign comes from witnessing firsthand the ongoing battle between truth and error.

The left wants us to believe that universities are uncontested strongholds of leftwing ideology. However, what I saw couldn’t be more different. I saw good students who were willing to voice their opposition to gender indoctrination. They were willing to uphold truth in their classrooms and among their fellow students.

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I concluded that there is hope for America’s future, in spite of everything liberal college professors are doing to destroy it. I saw that the next generation is not a leftist monopoly. Instead, I realized that many young people are willing to fight for the truth.

That’s why I think TFP Student Action must continue its university outreach. That way, we can encourage the future leaders of America to stand firm in the face of leftist pressure.

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