How Drag Queen Events Prepare Children for Satanism

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How Drag Queen Events Prepare Children for Satanism
How Drag Queen Events Prepare Children for Satanism

“Drag Queen Story Hour” is the latest immoral plague to infect America. These events have spread all across our country as they are now found in large metropolitan areas and even in smaller more conservative towns and cities. Unless people protest, they will be held everywhere.

What is a “Drag Queen Story Hour?” DQSH, for short, is an event usually held at a public facility such as a public library. A man dressed as a woman reads storybooks, usually with an LGBTQ theme, to an audience of young children. As unbelievable as it sounds, these events are indoctrinating children as young as three to see deviant lifestyles as normal.

This is not a gradual process. The Drag Queen Story Hour seeks to advance the acceptance of unnatural, aberrant and gravely sinful behavior in a single bound. According to drag queen Dylan Pontiff, this initiative aims to change the attitudes of young children.

“This is going to be the grooming of the next generation. We are trying to groom the next generation”1 Pontiff said. In other words, this is not an incremental step, but a big lurch forward toward forcing the acceptance of the morally unacceptable.

One of the most egregious aspects of these events is their deliberate corruption of children. Words cannot describe how horrible it is that parents would take their young children to such an event or that a library would allow such an event to take place.

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A most heinous aspect of these horror hours is the lack of reaction by so many. Few bishops, clergy or political leaders have publicly uttered a word of shock or indignation about these events. While a few local clergy and political figures have spoken out against the DQSH when it comes to their communities, it is generally very quiet out there.

The public should see this as an abominable assault on their communities, families and children. It is as if a foreign power invaded America. Citizens cannot look on without complaints. Perhaps people are worn down by so many other moral atrocities in America that they feel overwhelmed. Apparently, many do not understand the depth of depravity that acceptance of these horror hours can bring.

Most “Drag Queen Story Hours” are public events supported by public authorities and promoted using taxpayer dollars. They should be publicly protested because they endorse immoral lifestyles and disorders. Indeed, a person not knowing who he is, is a definition of a mental disorder. The person who believes he is someone who he is not, is living a terrible lie. This lie is exponentially compounded when it is foisted upon the community in its public library.

STOP Transgender “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Public Libraries
Sign the Petition to the American Library Association Here

Events like these are the logical outcome of moral relativism. Two sayings that encapsulate this relativism come to mind, “anything goes” and, “it is forbidden to forbid.”

Once revolutionary slogans like these are the norm, there is no end in sight as to how low society will go in seeking out aberrations and forbidden sin. It would lead to a situation that people would not be shocked if Satan were to appear at a “Drag Queen Story Hour.,” Indeed, one of these drag queens appears with garish face paint and several horns inexplicably coming out of his head.

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The duty of those who love God is to recognize that God established rules and laws that should govern society. These laws often involve restraints to behavior. This can be seen in the Ten Commandments, in which eight begin with “Thou shalt not.”

God established His Commandments for man’s moral, spiritual and physical safety. Thus, avoiding evil and danger must be considered a great good. Preventing others from harming themselves or others is also a good.

That is why the faithful must oppose public vice that challenges God’s authority wherever it appears! Hold leaders accountable! Don’t accept the lie of unrestrained free speech since all must be free to use speech to defend the good and denounce evil. Those who uphold God’s laws and defend the innocence of children will be blessed by God and, by such good acts, they may once again call His mercy down upon America.

This Video Is NOT Intended for Children

STOP Transgender “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Public Libraries
Sign the Petition to the American Library Association Here


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