At Marquette U, Anti-Innocence Students OK with Trans for Children

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At Marquette U, Anti-Innocence Students OK with Trans for Children
At Marquette U, Anti-Innocence Students OK with Trans for Children

Woke students were jolted out of their complacency as they walked to class at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis., on Friday morning, April 5.

Just across the street from the main entrance, about a dozen volunteers with the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) were back with red capes and a banner saying: “Protect Children in Schools and Libraries. Stop the Ravages of LGBT Ideology” Slogans echoed across the campus, such as “Drag Perversity is not Diversity!” and “An Innocent Child is a Happy Child!”

This campaign at Marquette University was one of several stops of a tour to defend the innocence of children from transgender and drag perversity.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

On April 2, the TFP volunteers began the tour by visiting Marquette University to pray a Rosary of reparation for the sin of corruption of children’s innocence by LGBT ideology. Braving the pouring rain and windy weather, the young men held firm even when a group of four or five students counter-protested with rainbow flags.

Rampant Relativism

Three days later, TFP Student Action returned. The liberal lie that everything is relative to how you think and feel was especially present as TFP volunteers engaged students in debate.

The anything-goes-attitude was prevalent in several discussions. When one student was asked if grown men dressed in lewd women’s clothing and reading books to children to pervert them into an unnatural lifestyle was fine, the student saw no problem with it and said ‘yes.’

Perhaps the most nefarious example of rampant relativism came from a man who claimed to be a professor with a degree in cultural anthropology. This professor teaches and is a self-proclaimed cultural relativist. Even worse, he denied the moral teachings of the Church and claimed his priest agreed with him.

“Human sacrifice was fine for the Aztecs,” the professor declared. When a TFP volunteer asked: “Would pedophilia, cannibalism and incest be culturally acceptable?” The relativistic professor said, “Yes.”

During one discussion, a TFP volunteer challenged those around him by pointing out: “This is a Catholic university.” A woman shot back, “No, this is a Jesuit university.” “But,” objected Anthony Atilano, a young TFP member who caught the discussion on camera, “are you implying that Jesuit schools are not Catholic?” This caught the woman off guard, and she was speechless but ended up laughing it off.

Another relativist, when asked, “Is there absolute truth?” responded, “No.” He then contradicted himself by claiming that the statement that there is no truth was absolutely true.

Unmasking the “Tolerance” of the Left

The TFP campaigns uncovered just how intolerant the self-proclaimed “tolerant” left can be. A crowd of about 15 pro-LGBT students stood by the TFP volunteers, waving rainbow flags and loudly arguing. As the TFP volunteers concluded their campaign at Marquette, a man approached in such a rage that he was foaming at the mouth. His foam splattered on the jackets of two volunteers as he screamed “bigots!” and other unmentionable words at the calm TFP men.

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 This intolerant display was so shocking to nearby students that one neutral student told the irate intolerant one, “You are literally foaming at the mouth. You need to calm down and stop.”

Another shocked student asked for a flyer at the campaign’s end, saying, “I agree with your position. I’ve been watching you guys. You are all very calm while they are acting like savages. I believe children’s innocence is important and must be protected.”

Sidewalk Rosary Rally Garners Enthusiastic Support

After a good lunch, the TFP volunteers were eager to continue standing up for children’s innocence. Thus, they held a campaign at a street corner next to a strip mall.

Reactions from the locals were mixed. Some were firmly in favor of the Rosary rally for children’s innocence, like one busload of about 20 sports players in jerseys who cheered and gave thumbs up as they passed.

An old woman who agreed with the rally said, “We need the Lady of Fatima.” Then she came back and said: “This has gone too far!” referring to transgenderism, and took a leaflet.

The young TFP volunteers look forward to doing many more campaigns in the future to defend the innocence of children from the ravages of transgender ideology.

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