TFP Student Action Rallies to Protect Traditional Marriage

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TFP Student Action Rallies to Protect Traditional Marriage
TFP Student Action Rallies to Protect Traditional Marriage

A group of young Americans will be on the streets and college campuses of cities in Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana to encourage people to vote Yes for traditional marriage state constitutional amendments on upcoming ballot initiatives.

Members of the TFP Student Action will tour these five Southern states distributing flyers and discussing traditional marriage with the man on the street. The effort to amend state constitutions seeks to preempt activist judges like those in Massachusetts from taking gender out of the definition of marriage.

TFP Student Action director John Ritchie, who is leading the caravan says: “We hope the overwhelming victory in Missouri will fire up supporters of traditional marriage in all the other states. We want this to reach the federal level soon, and with a few more outstanding victories, it will.”

The TFP supported similar efforts in Hawaii and California. More recently, after the Supreme Court’s Lawrence v. Texas decision, the TFP published and distributed the statement “Are We Still One Nation Under God?” The American TFP qualified Lawrence as America’s “moral 9/11” and expressed its outrage that the court decriminalized sodomy nationwide.

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The TFP’s efforts to defend marriage also included its Traditional Marriage Crusade petition to the nation’s bishops. The petition asks the Catholic hierarchy to create the moral climate whereby homosexuality is rejected and thus help save the family and stop homosexual marriage. One million petition postcards have been printed and local activists have already distributed 500,000 petition forms.

Now, the battle over traditional marriage is being fought in several states. State constitutional amendments defending traditional marriage are extremely important in helping the states fulfill their duty to promote the common good. All governments have the duty under natural law to uphold morality and defend the family.

Mr. Ritchie noted that without same-sex “marriage,” the homosexual movement’s bid to impose its agenda on America will fail. “If we stop same-sex ‘marriage,’ the homosexual movement will have lost a powerful psychological weapon.”

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