Battle-Line Rosary Rally in Hartford

On July 17, a heavy mist shrouded Connecticut’s State Capitol Building. Its Chateau-like appearance with towers and parapets loomed high above the pathway that ran through its lush grounds. In this melancholy haze, a streak of red and gold darted … Continue reading

Environmental Psychosis and the New Socialism

The fires that are happening in the Brazilian Amazon region attest to the rise of a new world psychosis: a fixation on environmentalism. The remedy proposed to cure this new disease consists of a universal prescription: stop economic growth and … Continue reading

This Was the Most Dangerous Woman in America

A sign of the increased popularity of socialism in the United States is the Public Broadcasting System’s airing of a biography of Emma Goldman on its “The American Experience” series. For those unfamiliar with Emma Goldman, she was a self-described … Continue reading

Is the Amazon Synod Going to Lead Us to Eco-Socialism?

There have long been lingering suspicions that the Amazon Synod is going to be a progressive festival, especially considering its key call for the “abolition of celibacy” for pseudo-pastoral reasons. However, concrete evidence to document this suspicion was lacking. Now, … Continue reading

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