Taking Our Lady to Indiana

On June 19, a group of young volunteers of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) started its trek across the country in Indiana. This group was one of many TFP “caravans” that will be … Continue reading

Heavy Rains Halt for Our Lady in Wyoming

We all looked outside anxiously, the heavy rain beat against the windows of the van like waves crashing on the coast. We were parked across the street from the Cheyenne State Capitol Building, praying for the clouds to cease their … Continue reading

A Clash of Two Caravans in Austin, Texas

It was sunny and pleasant as we assembled in front of the capitol building in Austin, Texas, with signs, banners, and a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. Some twenty-five local friends and supporters of the American Society for the … Continue reading

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