Battle-Line Rosary Rally in Hartford

On July 17, a heavy mist shrouded Connecticut’s State Capitol Building. Its Chateau-like appearance with towers and parapets loomed high above the pathway that ran through its lush grounds. In this melancholy haze, a streak of red and gold darted … Continue reading

These Are Not Riots, but a Revolution

In the face of the violence and rioting rocking the country, we face a painful reality. While all must deplore the death of George Floyd, we must recognize that the riots reflect a society in crisis, not bad law enforcement … Continue reading

The Coronavirus Is a Call to Return to God

Our reaction to the coronavirus reflects the crisis of our secular godless society. The problem is not the virus—as potentially lethal as it might be. This outbreak is a biological fact, like so many that have plagued humanity over the … Continue reading

Why the West Is in Crisis and What Can Be Done

“Modern history,” Lord Acton once said, “tells how the last four hundred years have modified the medieval conditions of life and thought.” His sweeping generalization describes the modern-day plight of making sense out of the mess that separates us from … Continue reading

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