Battle-Line Rosary Rally in Hartford

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On July 17, a heavy mist shrouded Connecticut’s State Capitol Building. Its Chateau-like appearance with towers and parapets loomed high above the pathway that ran through its lush grounds. In this melancholy haze, a streak of red and gold darted skyward to reveal a rampant lion bearing the cross of Christ on its chest. Just minutes before, the TFP standard had been raised to mark the beginning of Connecticut’s rosary rally for America’s return to order.

Battle-Line Rosary Rally in HartfordAs part of the Mary, Mother of Mercy, Restore America campaign launched in June, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) is holding rosary rallies at every state capital in America. It aims to obtain from Our Lord, through His Mother’s intercession, the graces of calm, courage and confidence to confront the present-day crisis.

Rosary Rallies for America

The presence of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima honored and blessed the rally. This statue was carved under the direction of Sister Lucy, one of the Fatima seers. It miraculously cried in New Orleans in 1972.  To the joy of all, the rally began with a procession of the statue to the rally’s center while bagpipes played a  Marian hymn. On the sides of her were two TFP members, garbed in a ceremonial habit bearing a large cross of Saint James upon a full brown scapular covering a white tunic.

Battle-Line Rosary Rally in HartfordThe Rosary resounded over the capitol grounds as the Catholics proclaimed their faith in public. Praying for confidence, some volunteers held signs that read, “Honk Against Socialism,” prompting many passing drivers to respond with honks.

Warning! A Virus Threatens America’s Future and Christian Civilization

“Thank you — as men — for leading us in this fight,” said one lady at the rally, glad to see young Catholic men praying the Rosary in public.

Battle-Line Rosary Rally in HartfordA policeman on patrol and caught sight of the rally. Noticing the signs against socialism, he waved and let off a few siren blasts from his police car that qualified as honks.

One person distributed copies of the “Breastplate of Saint Patrick,” a powerful Irish hymn of hope for God’s help in adversity. “We need all the armor we can get,” said a lady as she snatched one.

Battle-Line Rosary Rally in Hartford“This is the army that really matters,” said another local, beaming as he watched the lines of Rosary warriors. Behind him loomed the battlements of the capitol building’s towers.  On the other side of this fortress, media crews had just finished a video shoot of a black college group protesting against state officials while holding signs that read, “Your seat ain’t safe.” A camera crew’s van pulled up, and the driver asked about the rally and the attendees. Patrick Sabat, the custodian of the Pilgrim Statue, responded, “We are from all over. This is a rosary rally for America’s conversion.” The man indifferently said, “Oh, ok” before driving off.

The rally produced favorable reactions. One woman slowed down her car as she drove by and folded her hands in prayer as a gesture of union with the rally.  A homeless man walked by and nodded in approval. He was later seen with a rosary dangling in his hands.
Battle-Line Rosary Rally in HartfordAt the end of the rally, Mr. Sabat explained the significance of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue. He related its history and the Fatima message. He especially highlighted Our Lady’s warning against “the errors of Russia,” which included communism. This timely warning relates to the cultural Marxism, socialism and anarchy that threatens America today. “This statue is not a victory trophy,” continued Mr. Sabat.  “Rather, her presence here is an indication to us that there is much work to be done.”Throughout America, Catholics realize that they must act and rally under Our Lady’s mantle.  In this spiritual combat, they fight, knowing that the Heavenly Queen never fails her children. This rally was a taste of the victory to come. In his closing words, Mr. Sabat reminded everyone that in this fight, “Our Lady will not sit back and watch. She will charge.”


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