Why the Left Makes Americans Hate Fellow Americans

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Why the Left Makes Americans Hate Fellow Americans
Why the Left Makes Americans Hate Fellow Americans

There is an effort to get Americans to hate fellow Americans. We see this unfolding before our eyes as violence is destroying the once-stable American order.

The situation is hard to understand because we are all Americans. This identity which we hold sacred is what has always defined and unified us, despite our differences.

But now the radical left is challenging this American identity by questioning everything. All certainties about our way of life, history and values must be shaken. The goal is to make us hate our shared identity and prepare a climate of revolution and rage.

A Crisis That Does Not Reflect Reality

This hatred is perplexing because it does not reflect the current reality. Americans do not hate each other as the media like to portray. The situation is presented in a way that lacks all proportion and context.

Ask most Americans, and they will tell you that they do not hate their fellow Americans. In their daily lives, Americans of all races, regions, and national origins live together, intermingle and intermarry. We work together, suffer together, go to school and fight in the military together. We share a common American way of life. In real life, the ties of unity are much greater than those of discord.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

Huge strides have been made over the decades to improve this unity. Much more needs to be done. However, being American still unites us. Most Americans do not hate other Americans but are constantly told that they do.

Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

Two factors that act like glue to hold America together are our way of resolving things through civil discourse and our economic prosperity. These two pillars help sustain the American order.

Now, successive crises are threatening our stable order. The debate over coronavirus crisis and the violence is breaking what is left of public discourse. The riots detonated massive civil unrest. An economic crisis looming on the horizon jeopardizes what little financial stability remains.

All these major crises set the stage for an identity-shaking revolution that seeks to overturn American institutions, freedoms and values. The left needs to transform its gains in the culture war into structural changes. It needs to unite all its causes into one, be it ecological, feminist, LGBTQ+, abortionist or other causes. It cannot advance toward the “inclusive” socialistic society it envisions while the old American identity still exists and functions.

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Thus, we see the left adroitly using “good” crises to advance its agenda. To use the expression of one of its elites, author Yuval Harrari, major crises “fast-forward historical processes” and avoid the messy inconveniences of due process that can take years. The present crises easily fold into the Marxist false narrative that presupposes class struggle between exploiters and exploited. They encourage social strife and the hatred of one against another. The recent disturbances read like chapters out of Das Kapital or Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Exploiting the Biggest and Smallest Things

Inside a frenzied climate of crisis, all things become possible. It is not enough that certain major American certainties be questioned; all must be challenged. Every manifestation of this shared identity must be doubted and weaponized.

Media and liberal activists latch on to every incident. These incidents serve as flashpoints that appear and disappear, creating an exhausting chain of events upon a traumatized public. These flashpoints feed the radical left’s desire to find points of disagreement, to aggravate and leverage them. They will go to extremes to make things much worse than they are.

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The smallest incident is turned into a crisis. These issues include bathrooms, a police reaction, the national anthem, flag, statues, facemasks, a NASCAR “noose,” NFL games, football mascots, guns, church lockdown rules or other flashpoints that abound. All these things take place inside a wind tunnel of publicity designed to stoke passions.

Injecting Hatred Into the Scenario

These points are then transformed into rage. Instead of the American way of using public discourse to address problems peacefully, agitators employ “un-American” means of intimidating violence, obscenity-laced profanity and suppression of speech.

For the agents of change, there can be no extenuating circumstance. They hold authorities to impossible standards of restraint. There can be no attempt to hear the other side because there is no other side. For them, the exception is always the rule. Every act of self-defense is turned into a symbolic expression representing the oppressor class. Faithful to Marxist theory, the hatred must always be directed against the system, the American identity, law enforcement and history.

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There is even self-hatred as editors, publishers, commentators, coaches and others fall over each other to confess their sins publicly. Major corporate leaders, clergy and elected officials show themselves complicit, which helps effect their self-destruction.

The result of this policy can be seen in the headlines. It is no racial war since a majority of the agitators are white. It is an effort to provoke Americans to hate their own identity and each other. It seeks to prod law-abiding Americans into a spiral of violence. This explosive mixture is taking the country toward a revolution.

The Weakness of the Left

The left has always won by the weakness of the opposition rather than its strength. Concede, concede, concede is the losing policy of weak-willed officials that has wrought so much evil in past Marxist revolutions throughout history.

The left also wins by getting the majority to accept its false narrative. It always turns the conflict into a “systemic” fight that denies any personal responsibility for acts. It reduces everything to a class struggle of mutual hatred where every crime is permitted to advance the revolution.

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The only way America is going to be saved from this revolution is by rejecting this false narrative. America must recognize the grave moral crisis that is tearing the country apart, then ask forgiveness for its sins and return to God.

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