The Enemy Within

We know the Taliban and al-Qaeda terrorists, the radical Islamic fundamentalist and the suicide bomber. September 11 has engraved these images of the enemy all too well in our minds. However, as we contemplate the next phase of the war … Continue reading

Soldiers Are Not Terrorists!

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The Challenges We Face – 2002

You may also like Once Abortion Is Accepted, What Logical Arguments Can Be Used to Stop Infanticide, Euthanasia and Other Forms of Murder? – 1993 An Appeal for Insistence – 2010 The American TFP Brings to Light: Courageous Statements by … Continue reading

Attack on America: A Psywar Against Order

  Attack on America A Psywar Against Order   We are faced with the nation’s first postmodern war. It is a war of networks against nations, begun with irrational acts that defy the rational imagination. It is a holy war … Continue reading

Shattering Myths: A Reality Check on China

The euphoria over the return of the EP-3 surveillance plane’s crew from China has now subsided. As the dust settles over a bitter standoff that embroiled the nation for eleven long days, we are left with a compelling need to … Continue reading

Where Is Elian’s Journey Leading Us?

The steady stream of photos of a smiling Elian Gonzalez reunited with his father could well foster the impression of a happy ending to the sad story of this young Cuban refugee. Were one naive enough to believe this, one … Continue reading

A Milestone and a Crossroads – 2000

As we begin the year 2000, the contrast with the early years of the twentieth century could not be more striking. The America of 1900 was a young, vibrant nation full of large healthy families and teeming with immigrants from … Continue reading

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