As Long As It Takes: A Time to Renew Our Resolve – 2005

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As Long As It Takes: A Time to Renew Our Resolve - 2005
The American TFP’s Holy Choirs of Angels Corps plays at the annual March for Life.

Once again, tens of thousands of Americans are marching in midwinter to protest abortion. It is an honor and a duty we have proudly claimed and will continue to claim as long as it takes to overturn Roe v Wade, the fatal decision allowing the killing of unborn innocents.

Our opposition to abortion does more than just protest this decision. It serves to keep our nation’s honor alive. It is a living testimony of our resolve, which we communicate to indifferent Americans and the radical pro-abortion minority. It serves to teach new generations that there are values of such importance that life would lose all meaning without them. But there is more.

Once the killing of an innocent child in the mother’s womb is accepted as a “right,” the ground is ready for the acceptance of other unnatural “rights” such as same-sex “marriage” and partnership, embryonic research and other issues. One moral wrong paves the way for the next.

Today we march again to protest abortion. But it is also important to show our legitimate rejection – always peacefully and legally – against these other supposed rights. They are an affront to the order established by God, which we should uphold in all its plenitude.

Victory for Values

We have just experienced one of the most polarized presidential elections in our history. Partisan politics aside, never has the country focused so much on the moral and religious principles that give meaning to human life. Never were these principles so decisive when it came to choosing a new president.

The victory of moral values in November surprised many, disconcerted quite a few and comforted many others. This victory was based on the huge bloc of value voters. These Americans make up the myriad organizations that have contributed to rally and coordinate defenders of the rights of God. They are part of the “Ten Commandments” Americans who revere God’s Law. They realize that true human rights emanate from nature as made by the Creator. They also realize how these rights frontally clash with the so-called new rights that turn abortion or sins against nature into the law of the land.

Besides the aforementioned victory in the presidential elections, a conservative majority in eleven states overwhelmingly voted for constitutional amendments barring same-sex “marriage.” Thus, voters handed another defeat to the defenders of the new “rights.”

The Role of Divine Providence

The growth of the moral values reaction in our country cannot be understood without the special help of Divine Providence. Without God’s help, nothing good can be done. Such a moral reaction in today’s neo-pagan society is a cause for great hope for America and calls us to show much gratitude to God.

Renewing our Resolve

Undoubtedly, the pro-life movement played an important role in the rise of moral values, and, as a result, in the outcome of the 2004 elections that surprised not only America but the world.
Nevertheless, we must not rest on our laurels. Much to the contrary. We should ask God to grant us even more graces to increase our resolve to fight for the anti-abortion cause and the continuous growth of moral values in America … for as long as it takes!
May Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Patroness of the United States, help us obtain these graces.

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