Starting the New Year Right

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Starting the New Year RightMost people think of a New Year’s Eve gathering as a sort of “carnival” when everyone at least partially puts aside the just restrictions of God’s law and Catholic customs. Drunkenness, immorality, gluttony and uninhibited childish behavior are sadly how many “celebrate” the New Year. Others prefer to stay at home and quietly celebrate the passing to the New Year. Still others pray in reparation for the sins of the past year and ask God’s blessings upon their intentions for the New Year.

This New Year’s Eve, TFP and America Needs Fatima supporters, friends and their guests in Topeka, Kans. gathered together for a wholesome and prayerful opportunity to celebrate the New Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ, 2007. Adults exchanged greetings, engaged in lively conversations and partook of the delicious refreshments. Children marveled at the crèche and Christmas tree, played innocent games together, and also had conversations appropriate for their age with their friends and guests.

newyear_ks_07_2At a certain point, Christmas carols began. First, only eight people sang. However, after several carols, the entire house was filled with the voices of young and old celebrating the birth of Our Savior.

Shortly before midnight, candles were distributed, and all but the Christmas lights were turned off. At midnight, everyone in the house recited the Total Consecration to Our Lady according to Saint Louis de Montfort. After the consecration, the Holy Rosary was prayed concluded by the Hail Holy Queen and the Litany of Loretto.

After the prayers a cheer was offered to Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lady and the Holy Catholic Church which He founded, and especially for the Church’s victory in these difficult times.

Gradually the guests returned to their own homes for some rest before waking up in 2007.

Some who attended commented that they did not know what to expect and that they came reluctantly with the intention of staying at most an hour. Several hours later, they were still at the celebration joining in the edifying conversation, carols and prayers.

If done with the Catholic spirit, a New Year’s Eve celebration can be a spiritually uplifting way to begin another New Year of Our Lord. It can also provide support and encouragement that all so need to be faithful in this valley of tears.

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