How Mary Crushed Satan’s Head at Carmel High School

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How Mary Crushed Satan’s Head at Carmel High School
How Mary Crushed Satan’s Head at Carmel High School

The world is accepting things that were objectionable not long ago. In 1999, a student of Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana, posted a scathing message against 11 teachers and staff. He called them “satanic-worshipping demons.”1 Three teachers sued the student for defamation. Back then, being called a Satanist was slanderous.

The Satanic Club of Carmel

Today, this same school started the 2021 school year by offering a Satanic after-school program. The club called itself “The Satanic Club of Carmel.” Being Satanic is no longer deemed offensive.

On the club’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, there is no mistake about the club’s orientation. Multiple posts and memes hail the devil, promote abortion and display demonic and occult symbols.

Very few things are more disturbing than exposing children to sin, crime and immorality. Satanism is the sum of all sins and crimes. Thus, many parents and locals were understandably concerned about this new club.

The TFP Mobilized Against the Club

The issue came to the attention of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), which mobilized against it. TFP Student Action started a petition drive asking the principal to shut down the club. The TFP’s Return to Order and America Needs Fatima campaigns sent out hundreds of thousands of protest emails. Finally, TFP activists mobilized boots on the ground, holding rosary rallies near the school.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

The main rally took place on November 13, 2021. Volunteers came from everywhere. Very notably, one couple drove through the night from Pennsylvania to be there. Prayer warriors also came on a bus from the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, and two students flew in from Denver. Several families and individuals put aside previous commitments to be there.

The Snares and Traps of the Devil

The devil did not make the rally preparations easy. Flights were canceled. All the bus companies were either booked or short of drivers. Illnesses and family problems flared up, leading to last-minute cancellations.

The door was finally secured with some cord.
The door was finally secured with some cord.

The day of the rally was not easy either. A dreary rain fell in the morning of the campaign. The bus arrived late. On the return trip, the bus door malfunctioned by rattling as if coming off its hinges and flying open inexplicably. After the locking mechanism failed, the driver stopped several times to close the door that was finally secured with some cord. The veteran driver said that he had never seen anything like this since even a malfunctioning door stays closed by the force of the wind generated by the bus’s speed. One passenger commented out loud that the devil did not seem happy. The bus driver said: “You read my mind, my friend.”

How The Prayer Warriors Prayed and Suffered

Outside the Carmel High School, over 75 prayer warriors braved the strong wind and unseasonably cold weather. Some stayed despite being unprepared, as in the case of a girl in a light sweater and flip-flops. Someone pulled out a blanket and wrapped the girl in it, but her feet became numb.

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A thirteen-year-old boy in a light jacket shivered in the cold yet refused to take shelter. A lady lent him a thick sweater. Gloves and stocking caps were passed around to anyone who needed them. Throughout the whole rally, people were visibly shivering yet determined to stay. These prayer warriors were not fair-weather friends.

The crowd prayed six sets of mysteries of the Holy Rosary. That’s thirty decades. In addition, there were hymns to the Blessed Virgin Mary and patriotic songs like “God Bless America.” It cannot be said that it was a “happy” event, but people expressed joy in being there. Seriousness and especially suffering visibly marked the protest rally.

Shifting Carmel’s Public Opinion

The determination on the part of all who protested turned the tide. Even before the rally, it became clear that the hearts and minds of people were changing. The rally served to demonstrate that those protesting were willing to endure suffering for the good cause.

Indeed, two nights before the rally, the Carmel Police Department reached out to the TFP organizers informing us that the club had been shut down. The officer wanted to know if the rally was still going to be held. He said they had been monitoring social media, and there was a lot of chatter regarding the rally. The police retained many officers on standby to make sure the school was safe from counter-protesters. That was the first sign that the multiple efforts were bearing fruit.

A Call to Protest the Growing Threat from Satanism

The emails were also doing their job. Word was getting out. The petition drive had passed its second goal. That means over 20,000 signatures were sent to Carmel High School’s principal. Carmel’s public opinion was changing.

The Three Miracles

While preparing for the rally, the TFP’s “boots on the ground” organizers asked Our Lady of Fatima for three miracles. The first was to obtain a bus as it seemed improbable. Six companies were booked up, and a seventh could not find a driver. The second was to ask that a sizable number of people would attend the rally. This also seemed improbable due to the short notice, weather and cancellations. The third miracle was to ask that the club be closed down. This also seemed unlikely because of the growing apathy toward the advance of Satanism in American culture.

However, Our Lady overcame all the obstacles and granted all three “miracles!”

Mary’s Victory!

The club was closed on Thursday. The last Instagram and Twitter posts announced that the club was shutting down. As of November 15, the Monday after the campaign, the Satanic Club of Carmel was removed from the list of the approved after-school programs. This victory proves once again that public prayer, sacrifice and protests are effective.

The club was closed on Thursday. This victory proves once again that public prayer, sacrifice and protests are effective.
The club was closed on Thursday. This victory proves once again that public prayer, sacrifice and protests are effective.

The principal should be thanked for listening to people’s concerns about the children’s spiritual welfare. Above all, thanks must be given to the Blessed Virgin Mary for orchestrating a resounding defeat of the devil. The indifference toward Satanism may be growing, but Satan will not have his way with children in Carmel. Not today!

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However, the battle is not over. The devil will not give up. The Satanists will find other ways to promote the devil in schools. The club’s Instagram and Twitter accounts, while presently inactive, are still up with visible Satanic memes.

Thus, Our Lady’s followers will not give up either. The fight continues. Two local rosary rally captains have committed to continue gathering the following weeks to pray the rosary at the school.

This victory will go a long way to prevent the public from growing indifferent to the promotion of Satanism in schools. It shows that something can be done when people are determined. America must oppose the advance of Satanism with resolute, peaceful, legal and loud public prayer so that the nation will once again be a God-fearing and God-loving people.



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