A Light in the Darkness: TFP Rosary Rally Illuminates New York City

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A Light in the Darkness: TFP Rosary Rally Illuminates New York City
A Light in the Darkness: TFP Rosary Rally Illuminates New York City

“And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.” These pertinent words of Our Lord came to mind following an October 10 Rosary rally event held by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property(TFP) in downtown New York City. The rally was only one of 20,613 other Public Square Rosary Rallies held across the United States on the same day.

As the TFP volunteers drove onto Manhattan Island in their vans, an unsettling scene met their eyes. Streets that would normally be bustling with foot traffic were half empty. Masked pedestrians wandered gloomily down sidewalks, bombarded on all sides by a blur of materialistic and sensual advertising.

The Empire State’s largest city appeared to be overshadowed by a deadly malaise. The causes were the crippling lockdowns, further exacerbated by the explosive riots, which left a trail of misery and destruction in their wake.

This darkening cloud of misery was dispelled, if only for a brief time, by the rosary rally across from St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue.

Bagpipers playing Marian hymns led the procession of a large statue of Our Lady of Fatima to the rally site. The TFP members began the recitation of the Holy Rosary. Meanwhile, several faithful Catholics enthusiastically joined the rally.

As the Rosary progressed, passersby took note. “It’s so nice to see something positive. We need more of this!” an Asian woman exclaimed as she snapped some pictures of the rally. Several pedestrians stopped near the statue of Our Lady and reverently made the Sign of the Cross. Other people showed their abhorrence for the event by scoffing and even cursing at the peaceful prayer warriors.

This Rosary Rally and the other 20,000 rallies held around America drove home an important point. To overcome the malaise that hangs over the nation, Americans must come together with contrite hearts, pray the Rosary and ask God for forgiveness and peace.

Our Lady Queen of the Holy Rosary! Pray for us!