Possible Closing of Playboy: Welcome but Tragic News

Possible Closing of Playboy: Welcome but Tragic News

Possible Closing of Playboy: Welcome but Tragic News

At first, it seemed to be good news. It appears that, with the death of Hugh Hefner, Playboy magazine might soon be discontinued. For those who strive to practice virtue, the news can only be a welcome development. The magazine has been the ruin of many men young and old over the nearly seven decades of its existence. It has exploited countless women.

The pornographic magazine rode the crest of the Sexual Revolution of the sixties. It sought to give nudity an air of pseudo-sophistication and glamor by insinuating that those who adopted a sensual lifestyle were fashionable and with the times.

At its height in 1975, there were 5.6 million U.S. subscribers who allowed themselves to be corrupted by the magazine’s message. Less than half a million subscribers remain as the publication has been scaled back to six issues yearly. It is currently losing $7 million annually while the publisher now concentrates on licensing and branding agreements as its main money-maker.

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Far from bettering society, both masculinity and femininity have been degraded by its portrayals. The tragic aspect of this welcome news is that the magazine’s immoral message has now become mainstream and commonplace.

Pornography is so easily accessed on the Internet by ever-younger audiences that they no longer want to buy printed pornography. Fashions have become immoral and revealing, not unlike the magazine’s portrayals. Promiscuity is rampant, destroying the family and leading to sexual abuse and harassment everywhere.

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Indeed, the magazine has played out its role in the Sexual Revolution and is no longer relevant. The liberal establishment has moved on to more radical expressions of sexuality. Playboy can be discarded since it no longer represents the cutting edge in today’s gender-fluid environment.

The magazine promised its followers a participation in the glamor of sensuality, freedom and immoral lifestyles. However, it did not deliver on its promises. Tearing off its glamorous mask, unbridled sensuality now shows its monstrous face. Those who adopt the Playboy lifestyles find themselves surrounded by sexual harassment, tragedy, depression, ugliness and broken relationships.

Another tragic fact remains. The magazine’s message apparently still resonates well in China where it still dazzles with its pseudo-sophistication and glamor. Perhaps the Chinese imagined themselves validated in the eyes of the modern world by adopting this corrupting Western brand. They will soon suffer the tragic consequences.

The possible closing of Playboy magazine is welcome news but also an omen of worse times yet to come.


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