A Medieval Castle in America

A Medieval Castle in America 2

Passing undulating rows of grapevines on either side of a steep driveway lined with cypress trees, the scene reminded me of a picture calendar I had seen of Tuscany, Italy. However, as I crested the hill, nothing I had ever seen before could match what I beheld atop this mountain. I was … Read more

Equestrian Inequality

Equestrian Inequality 1

The attendance of Queen Elizabeth at last year’s Kentucky Derby was her first and it was truly a memorable event. The track workers at Churchill Downs took etiquette classes in preparation for her Majesty’s arrival while the executive chef planned a sumptuous meal fit for a queen. Her presence at the Run … Read more

Keep up the Fire

Keep up the Fire 1

It was the most memorable Veterans Day of my life. As many recognized the sacrifices made by the living I paid my respects to someone who sacrificed it all. His name was Sgt. Daniel Shaw of West Seneca N.Y. I was doing home visits with the pilgrim statue of our Lady of … Read more