Nothing Is the Matter with Kansas

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On Tuesday, April 5, Kansas became the eighteenth state to amend its constitution by defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. The second part of the amendment also declared that only traditional unions of one man and one woman would be entitled to the “rights and incidents” of marriage, thus effectively prohibiting civil unions and domestic partnerships.

In a lopsided 71-29 percent vote, Kansans overwhelming voted to support the amendment and thus join so many other states. Soon, voters in Alabama, South Dakota and Tennessee will be voting on similar amendments.


On April 3, TFP Supporters and friends joined 1,500 fellow Kansans at the May Day for Marriage Rally in downtown Kansas City, Kansas. Fliers promoting the TFP’s book, Defending A Higher Law, were distributed to the friendly crowds attending the rally.

In addition to TFP Supporters and friends, the amendment was also strongly supported by the Kansas Catholic Conference, Senator Sam Brownback, The Knights of Columbus, Focus On the Family and several other pro-family organizations.

The homosexual movement and their allies is threatening to challenge the amendment thus opposing the majority of Kansans who still believe in the traditional definition of marriage. Kansans did not fall for the false arguments used by the homosexual rights movement during the campaign.

Perhaps this amendment will generate a new edition of Thomas Frank’s What’s The Matter With Kansas?

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