Who Paves the Way for Socialism?

Who Paves the Way for Socialism? 2

There are many elements in the modern world today that are paving the way for socialism not least of which are materialism and relativism. Those two outlooks on life are not only held by socialists but are often shared by big sectors of the population at large. Practical Materialism Since materialism is … Read more

An $11,000 Prize in Switzerland and a Consecration in Costa Rica

According to media reports, Switzerland has announced it will hold a national competition that will search for a new national anthem to replace its current one, which government officials say “has too many references to God and is too old-fashioned.” The text of the current anthem, which was officially adopted in 1981, … Read more

The Failure of China’s Great Firewall

The Failure of China’s Great Firewall 2

Article 35 in China’s constitution, states that “citizens of the People’s Republic of China enjoy freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration.” This article appears to be right out of the American constitution, that is — until it comes time to put it in … Read more

The $330,000 Hamburger

The $330,000 Hamburger 2

Most people might think that in-vitro produced meat was an idea confined to science fiction publications, the new Frankenburger hopes to convince you otherwise. Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University is the scientist behind the research that takes cells from a slaughtered calf, transforms them into strips of flesh in a Petri … Read more

Nudge Squads and the Thought Police

Nudge Squads and the Thought Police 2

If you thought you could think on your own, think again. The federal government is now forming Behavioral Insights Teams (BIT), also referred to as Nudge Squads. Their purpose: manipulate the public to agree with federally approved agendas. Instead of the person deciding what is best, the federal government will “nudge” the … Read more

Who Cares About the British Monarchy?

Who Cares About the British Monarchy? 1

As the world delights with its first glimpse of the British Monarchy’s new heir, naturally no one is more proud and interested than the British. But they are not the only ones who care about the new Royal; Americans are running a close second. We fought a war with Britain, declared our … Read more

Cuba Attempts to Resuscitate a Dead Horse

Raúl Castro is allergic to private property, at least when it is someone else’s. With historical evidence demonstrating that every flavor of Socialism produced only economic failure, he seems to think that by shuffling bureaucrats and writing more regulations he can somehow resuscitate Cuba’s moribund economy. Typical of one who hallucinates with … Read more

A Threat to Private Property in America

A Threat to Private Property in America 2

Martha Boneta, a local farmer from Fauquier County, Virginia, has engaged in criminal behavior by hosting a birthday party on her farm for eight 10 year-old girls. Her crime was not obtaining a land-use permit, and she has been threatened with $5,000 in fines. The land-use permit Boneta did not obtain is … Read more

Sowing the Seeds Of Failure

Sowing the Seeds Of Failure 2

One local farmer from Akron, Ohio, seventy year-old Donald Bessemer, has stopped farming lettuce, corn, squash and peppers and will now only produce soybeans. His long time farm stand is now permanently closed and with it, thirty employees are out of a job. In addition to this, his locally grown produce has … Read more

The Offshoring Frenzy Hangover

The Offshoring Frenzy Hangover 2

For more than thirty years, manufacturing trends have favored the developing world and worked against the interests of the United States. Punitive federal and state laws and soaring labor costs coupled with unrealistic union demands made U.S. manufacturing increasingly difficult and foreign production more appealing. But did every company make a sound … Read more