Ebola and ISIS: Double Threat to the World

Ebola has been a headline in the news for the last few months, and rightly so. The pernicious virus has thus far claimed the lives of over 5,000 people who have died very terrible deaths. The fear surrounding it is real since Ebola is particularly violent and painful. The infected person’s internal organs are devoured by the virus and the person eventually succumbs to blood loss. Thousands of families have been affected and fear and panic have spread like wildfire.

At first, people in more developed countries saw it as a distant threat. However, when cases began appearing in areas outside of Africa, the world began to pay attention. With cases in Spain and the United States, Ebola became a real threat and naturally gave rise to fear.

However, with all the hubbub, it seems as though the virus is beginning to run its course and the ”wildfire”is beginning to burn itself out. People are getting back to their normal lives, knowing that even though the virus might come back, measures are being taken.

While Ebola is a physical disease that threatens the world, there is a more political disease that threatens the West.

It is very similar to Ebola in that it affects large populations and has taken its toll in death and suffering.

This strange and terrible disease is called ISIS.

For the last six months it has been ravaging Iraq and Syria, killing over 5,500 people (many of them Christian), and producing hundreds of thousands of refugees in a matter of days. With the great publicity rightfully given to the Ebola threat, this threat has not been highlighted as it should. However, the crisis still exists.

Just like the Ebola virus before it, ISIS is a problem thousands of miles away. However, there is evidence that it won’t be long before ISIS cases come to haunt the shores of the United States and with it cases of terrorism against Christians will be very real. Over 100 Americans have already gone to join ISIS and could come back, carrying with them this deadly political and spiritual virus.1

Though Ebola is a real physical threat to the health and welfare of the Americans, there should also be concern for the ISIS “virus” that threats to infect the nation and attack the Christian faith.



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