Let Us Fight for You

Let Us Fight for You 1

The Moral Imperative of a Masculine Infantry “…exposure to danger is not combat. Combat is a lot more than that, it’s a lot more than getting shot at or even getting killed by being shot at. Combat is finding and closing with and killing or capturing the enemy if you’re down in … Read more

Cap-and-Trade Boom Goes Bust

Cap-and-Trade Boom Goes Bust 2

As the global warming scare cools off, the European Union finds itself on the wrong side of a carbon credit boom that has gone bust. Back when global warming had some standing, Europe committed itself to lead the world in the battle to clean the environment. Accordingly, the EU penalized those who … Read more

Castroism without Castro

Castroism without Castro 2

The Havana Archdiocesan Magazine Comes All Out in Defense of Castro In its magazine Espacio Laical (No. 230, May 2013), the Archdiocese of Havana has come out stronger than ever in defense of the Cuban regime and its nefarious Communist “model” — even as the world listens in horror to the serious … Read more

Venezuela – Cuba – Brazil: Dictatorships and Anesthesia

Venezuela - Cuba - Brazil: Dictatorships and Anesthesia 2

Here are a few events that lie half-buried in the postmodern maelstrom. We believe it is important to recall them because they generate ongoing consequences for millions of people in Venezuela, Cuba, Brazil, and the Americas. 1.  In Venezuela, Chavista deputies brutally beat up opposition MPs on the premises of the National … Read more

Understanding the Marathon Bombers

Understanding the Marathon Bombers 2

There are many who seek to explain the mystery of the Boston Marathon bombers — or all our killers that are fast becoming a part of our national landscape. No doubt each of these unnatural figures has personal blame for what they did and for which they must be held accountable. We … Read more

Hungary Hands Over Public Schools to Religious Institutions

Hungary Hands Over Public Schools to Religious Institutions 1

The Hungarian government is transferring public schools to religious institutions, reported the French magazine L’Express.This policy has infuriated socialist leaders within and outside Hungary and even in European countries where public education has had calamitous results. The angry complaints center on the fact that traditional morals are being restored with the help … Read more

Leftist Hate, Prejudice and Bigotry

Leftist Hate, Prejudice and Bigotry 2

All too often we hear those in liberal media squawking about how conservatives who do not support the homosexual agenda are hateful, prejudicial and bigoted. Any logical argument in one’s defense is immediately met with the question: “How does the homosexual lifestyle affect you?” Well, it does affect people. One of the … Read more

What’s the Point of Ball-Point Pens?

What’s the Point of Ball-Point Pens? 2

As the left shrieks for stricter gun control, Colorado’s Democrat-controlled House passed a statewide ban on concealed-carry weapons on college campuses along with several other radical gun-control measures. They also managed to disparage conceal-carry supporters and female students who prefer not to depend on the government for protection. Colorado Senator Jessie Ulibarri … Read more

The Abuse No One Wants to See

The Abuse No One Wants to See 2

In these times of great concern for children, sexual abuse and gun safety, there is an alarming government report on abusive behavior that seems to have gone unnoticed by major media. The report deals with the culpable misbehavior of a large sector of the population. The number of yearly victims – some … Read more

Declining Fertility Rates and Robot Babies

Declining Fertility Rates and Robot Babies 2

With the world population growth slowing, some countries are staring at the grim prospects of the unbalanced demographics in the workforce and the dire economic consequences this will cause. As a result, some curious efforts to bolster diminishing birth rates have surfaced, not least of which is the invention and promotion of … Read more