Margaret Starbird Protest

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On Sunday, October 16, protesters gathered outside Unity Village in Lee’s Summit, Missouri where “Gnostic fiction historian” Margaret Starbird spoke about a Saint Mary Magdalene quite different from that of Church tradition. Ms. Starbird is cited as a significant influence on Dan Brown’s bestseller, The Da Vinci Code, which asserts Christ married Mary Magdalene and had a child.

The title of her talk was “Mary Magdalene: The Greatest Story Never Told.” TFP and America Needs Fatima supporters from Kansas and Missouri learned of her un-historical presentation on Friday, printed signs, and arrived for a peaceful and legal protest in front of the Unity Village campus on Sunday.

“The greatest story was never told because it never happened,” commented protest coordinator Francis Slobodnik. “Even Starbird herself admits she cannot historically prove her version of the Magdalene story.”

Participants displayed signs that read: “Believe the Bible inspired by God, Reject Starbird inspired by someone else”, and “Which do you believe, Starbird’s lies or the truth of the Bible?” Others simply stated: “Stop attacking the Catholic Church” and “Stop Blaspheming!”

The talk sparked limited interest among the general public although the protest was well received by the passersby. Many in vehicles driving by were heartened to see a group of Catholics willing to stand up for their Faith. After the protest, participants gathered for a public recitation of the rosary and departed, ready for the next opportunity to dispute the many myths of The Da Vinci Code.

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