In Oregon: “We Have the Weapon! The Rosary!”

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What happened in Salem, Oregon, was unexpected. A Rosary rally was announced at the Capitol steps while a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest was taking place.

In Oregon: “We Have the Weapon! The Rosary!”
This obstacle did not stop the volunteers on their mission to pray the Rosary at all fifty state capitals. The effort is part of the Mother of Mercy, Restore America campaign organized by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP).

“Wow, What a Contrast!”

TFP caravan leader Zechariah Long decided to set up the Rosary rally on the opposite side of the State Capitol Building, knowing that anything held amid the protesters might lead to trouble and violence.

“Wow, what a contrast,” exclaimed TFP volunteer John Paul Tomba. “They’re over there, many are scantily dressed with obscene signs shouting for the defunding of police, while we’re on the opposite side with signs begging the Mother of God to help this country.”

For the Joyful and Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, all was calm. However, near the end of the Glorious Mysteries, a masked man wearing a cannabis-themed t-shirt strolled up with a flimsy cardboard sign that said, “F*** Salem PD.”

In Oregon: “We Have the Weapon! The Rosary!”“You need anything?” inquired Mr. Long.

“Oh no, I’m just hanging out here,” shot back the malcontent.

Rosary Rallies for America

He stayed until the end. At times, he engaged in loud discussions with the gathered Catholics. He was irritated and shaking. He found it suspicious that the Rosary rally was planned on the same day as the BLM protest. When told that the rosary was planned weeks ago, he apologized but insisted that it was too much of a coincidence.

The prayerful Catholics ignored him as they stayed afterward to talk. The lone protester walked away dejected and sat down across the street, waiting for his ride to pick him up.

“We Have the Weapon!”

As the Rosary rally wrapped up, three Vietnamese ladies arrived on the scene. They had gone to the capitol steps where the rally was originally scheduled. Not knowing the rally was moved to the other side, the three ladies prayed the Rosary across the street from the BLM protest!

They then decided to look around to see if the rally might have been relocated and found it. Happy to be united with fellow Catholics, one lady exclaimed when she saw the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, “She’s so beautiful!”

In Oregon: “We Have the Weapon! The Rosary!”She assured the TFP members proudly, “We have the weapon! The rosary! We have the weapon!”

Beautiful Gem Hidden in Portland

Later in Portland, the volunteers saw a beautiful golden statue of Saint Joan of Arc on horseback at a roundabout. It looked exactly like the famous statues of the saint found in Paris and New Orleans! Enthused with the magnificent statue, the TFP volunteers set up for a campaign with signs asking people to honk against communism and socialism.

In Oregon: “We Have the Weapon! The Rosary!”Portland has a reputation for being extremely liberal and vocal. The minute the banner and signs were displayed, there was plenty of reaction. The TFP’s message was met by a barrage of obscene gestures, shouting and language too filthy to repeat. Others honked in support.

With Saint Joan of Arc’s aid in heaven, the TFP volunteers remained calm and tranquil, happy to fight for this country’s return to order.

Lighting the Way for America’s Return to Order

Wrapping up their campaigns in Oregon, the young men of the TFP visited the iconic Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Pacific coast.

There couldn’t be a better symbol for a return to order. Indeed, a picture of the lighthouse was used on the cover of the book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society – Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go by TFP author John Horvat.

The lighthouse represents the order this country desperately needs. Anarchy and chaos are taking over, leaving honest God-fearing Americans searching for solutions. The bright shining beams of the lighthouse are the guide for ships at sea. This country needs similar guidance amid these troubling times.

May Our Lady be the guiding light that leads America through the chaos of these days to the safe harbors of her Immaculate Heart.

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