1,000 Rosary Rallies Fight to Protect America’s Children

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1,000 Rosary Rallies Fight to Protect America’s Children
1,000 Rosary Rallies Fight to Protect America’s Children

There are many evils running rampant in our highly secularized society, but perhaps none so disturbing as the relentless attacks on our children’s innocence. Public schools and libraries all over our nation have been flooded with sexually explicit LGBTQ books and pornography—propaganda pushed on our children by the radical left, under the aegis of buzzwords like “inclusivity” and “acceptance.”

On April 17 and April 20, Catholics across America joined together in over 1,000 Rosary Rallies to protest this egregious phenomenon. In peaceful yet powerful demonstrations, brave Rally Captains from America Needs Fatima called for the removal of these materials from libraries and classrooms, underscoring how precious the innocence of our children is, and how much they deserve our utmost protection and loving care.

The Hidden Threat to Our Children

Books such as My Princess Boy, This Book is Gay, and They He She Me: Free to Be are increasingly appearing in schools and libraries all over the nation. The immoral subjects, themes, and images in these books are not only sinful but also influence children’s highly impressionable minds in destructive ways, leading to potentially lifelong confusion and distress.

These books advocate hypersexuality, promiscuity, sexual deviance and gender confusion, all in the name of “self-discovery”—ideas that attempt to override a child’s understanding of the world and shatter their innocence. Moreover, parents are often left in the dark about the presence of these materials in trusted public institutions, usurping their role in working toward the sanctification and moral formation of their children.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

Our Rosary Rallies not only empower parents to protest these books but also help raise awareness of the fact that this is happening at all—that our children are no longer safe in the institutions we entrust with their care, as unthinkable as it may seem.

Testimonials from Rally Captains

Our Rally Captains took to public places all across the country to defend our children’s right to be children through public prayer.

Here are a few testimonials and pictures from the over a thousand rallies that swept the nation:

1,000 Rosary Rallies Fight to Protect America’s Children
Ivone’s rally in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“Our Rosary Rally was a very beautiful and blessed experience because we know that in some way we have helped improve the future for children and youth by asking Our Lady of Fatima for her intercession so that satanic books and gender ideology do not spread. May God have mercy on us and hear the pleas of Most Holy Mary. Thank you very much for the opportunity we had. Blessings and thank you very much again.”—Ivone G., Indianapolis, Indiana

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“Our rosary group of 10-12 people have been praying the rosary every night at 7pm for 2 years. After one year, we were discussing if we should continue to pray every day or cut back to once a week or once a month. During the time of deciding, I was attacked by a dog. I ended up in the hospital for a week and almost lost my foot. I have no doubt, the evil one was trying to destroy our rosary group. Thanks to God, we are still praying every night & have dedicated our hearts to this ministry. I have no doubt that the Blessed Mother protects us. I recently made a trip to Fatima and fell in love with Portugal. I hope to go back soon. My grandmother died at 100 years old and I believe she passed the baton to me because she prayed the rosary for 25 years. We are honored to hold Rosary Rallies for our community.”—Linda D., Dale, Texas

1,000 Rosary Rallies Fight to Protect America’s Children
Christine’s rally in Killeen, Texas.

“This was our very first Rosary Rally. I loved the experience!”—Christine M., Killeen, Texas

1,000 Rosary Rallies Fight to Protect America’s Children
Julissa’s rally in Sarasota, Florida.

“We have participated in the Rally for several years and are always humbled and honored to be a part of it. We started with only three of us and now we have 14 participants. Slowly but surely.”—Julissa B., Sarasota, Florida

1,000 Rosary Rallies Fight to Protect America’s Children
Ontario, California.

“We had both younger and more mature devotees of Our Dear Mother who participated in our Rosary Rally. Some arrived early and some had to leave a little early but at one time we were 41 in attendance. We felt blessed indeed to be praying together for our country and honoring Our Lady of Fatima in the Public Square.”

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“We did our Rosary Rally today. We had only 3 people who could attend, but were successful in completing our mission. Many vehicles were honking and waving for God.”

1,000 Rosary Rallies Fight to Protect America’s Children
Magnolia, Texas.

“Awesome day. Had 8 of us here. More praying and uniting their prayers with ours.”

“Our rally was a great success. We said prayers and I was told one of the men there had a good voice and he led us all singing Immaculate Mary. Some of the people introduced themselves to me and they were thankful that I had the rosary rally. They said if I have another rally, they will come. I was happy to hear that.”

Protecting the Innocent

The radical left’s relentless push to corrupt children must be opposed. Childhood innocence is incredibly fragile; once it’s lost, it cannot be regained. Guarding this precious gift is not just an act of love, but a profound responsibility we owe to our children, and generations of children to come.

It may never be known in this life how many souls are touched with these Rosary Rallies. Hundreds of thousands pass by the rallies, raising the hope that the seeds of future conversions are planted in their minds and hearts.

If you would like to join the America Needs Fatima Public Square Rosary Crusade, sign up today to become a Rally Captain. Our Rosary Rallies to Honor Our Lady of Fatima are just around the corner, and we’d love to have you join us. CLICK HERE to hold a Rosary Rally in your community now.

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