Immorality Harms Everyone, Not Just Children

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Immorality Harms Everyone, Not Just Children
Immorality Harms Everyone, Not Just Children

One of the most powerful arguments against the LGBTQ+ agenda is its corruption of young children. People, especially parents, rightly object to their young children being exposed to highly sexualized Drag Queen Story Hours. Others call out city and school governing bodies for the pornographic library books polluting the innocent minds of scandalized children. Pride parades with naked participants are denounced because of the children who watch them. Target’s pride products featured children’s products that included a Satanic line, increasing the concern.

These attitudes are extremely valid and emotional arguments to counter the flood of filth spilling into all aspects of American life. They are much needed since this aggressive exposure was especially evident during June, misnamed “Pride Month.”

However, these arguments contain a glaring contradiction that needs to be addressed if conservatives are to fight more effectively for Christian principles.

The Liberal Dogma of Giving Free Rein to the Passions After 18

The contradiction lies in liberalism’s refusal to extend these concerns beyond children. Liberalism holds that everything should be allowed as long as it is legal and does not directly hurt others. Under these conditions, people should give free rein to their passions and suppress those who call for restraint. Thus, there is a constant tension between the currents of license and restraint.

This liberal dogma does allow (for now) some restraint for children under the pretext that they do not have the elements to make fully rational or informed decisions. Once they reach the age of 18, however, all those influences deemed harmful suddenly become acceptable. Adults can engage in all legal sexual activities as a matter of choice, and people are told not to criticize them for exercising their freedom.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

The liberal regime always strives to maintain itself “value-neutral.” In such a perspective, there is no absolute right or wrong—only rational decisions made by consenting adults.

The Church Opposes Such Liberalism

This permission for license after 18 has always been a point of conflict with the Church.

The Church teaches the contrary doctrine. There are absolutes that apply to good and evil, right and wrong. All sexual acts, portrayals or desires outside of marriage, for example, are sinful and destructive of character. It does not depend on age. All people who practice these acts negatively impact the common good. Society should have the right to defend itself against the degradation of public morality. The state can prevent certain harmful things from appearing in the public square.

This point of conflict causes a short circuit in the minds of countless Christians who want to protect their children while simultaneously defending the liberal dogma of accepting sinful acts contrary to God’s law once over 18. So ingrained is this liberal dogma that they will recognize that such permission is destructive and socially harmful. However, they hold that immorality after age 18 must be allowed and promoted even though it brings down all of society and affects their quality of life and the salvation of their children.

Pornography Is Always Wrong

Such reasoning is wrong. Many activities are objectively harmful. Pornography, for example, is always sinful and harmful to others, regardless of age or circumstance. Despite liberal claims to the contrary, adults cannot view it without harm to themselves and society; it degrades those who make and market it.

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Thus, society can take measures such as attaching the badge of shame to pornography, a natural deterrent to such depravity. The state also always has, and still does, reserve the right to prevent pornography from circulating because exposure is evil and harmful to the whole.

No one benefits from pornography, lewd public behavior and the promotion of unnatural vice. Such practices always destroy society. It is never age-appropriate and certainly not characteristic of an adult.

Opposition to Natural Law

For this reason, liberals hate the idea of natural law because its framework defines good and evil, right and wrong, in a manner that is valid for all times, places and peoples.

The liberal regime exults in the co-existence of good and evil. It sells the lie that the freedom to do whatever one pleases inside the law never hurts another. Liberals also hate the notion of the common good because they see it as an obstacle to the fulfillment of the individual. Indeed, such a vision denies the nature of evil, which always seeks to corrupt those around it to obtain endorsement and complicity.

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Thus, exposure to the erotic behavior of a Drag Queen Story Hour or public nudity in a Pride parade can also harm an adult, not just children. Adults have many more elements to deal with and reject these acts. However, all these things are occasions of sin and must be avoided. There is no reason why such indecent behavior should be allowed at a public library, or on a public street, given its promotion of the LGBTQ agenda and acts that are objectively defined as “intrinsically evil” for everyone by the Church and her saints.

Follow the Science

While not all library patrons will be Catholics, Drag Queen Story Hours and pornographic children’s books objectively corrupt society. Scientific studies show that indecent materials destroy families, break up marriages and traumatize children. For this reason, societies have always restricted their circulation and even today forbid child pornography—but for how long?

This exposure of children to Drag Queen Story Hours or indecent books is especially wrong. By these means, the last liberal barrier to corrupting children is thrown down under the pretext of education and tolerance. The once-protected children are now exposed to books that cannot be read at school board meetings because of their indecency. They are forced to witness lewd behaviors that celebrate unnatural vice.

All concerned parents must vehemently oppose exposing their children to these harmful influences. However, it is high time to reject the absurdity that moral corruption stops at age 18. Sin and corruption are part of the fallen human nature that must be constantly fought until death. No one has the right to use public institutions or the public square to promote immoral behavior that harms everyone and offends God.

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