Refuting the Arguments that Promote Drag Queen Story Hours

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Refuting the Arguments that Promote Drag Queen Story Hours
A recent article in the Boston Globe about Drag Queen Story Hours attempted to portray Drag Queen story hours as virtuous.

One of Satan’s most effective tools is to present vice as a virtue. It is a trick as old as the Garden of Eden, in which the serpent convinced Eve that eating from the forbidden tree would make the first couple “as gods.” (Gen. 3:5.)

The same deception is at work in modern life. One example was a recent article in the Boston Globe about Drag Queen Story Hours (DQSH). The heroes of the report were librarians who continue to hold the events in the face of public protests.

The Globe article pretended to be objective reporting while presenting many common arguments favoring the DQSHs. This article will quote those arguments. Following each will be a simple counter-argument. Hopefully, readers will find these rebuttals helpful when facing relatives, colleagues and others who accept the left’s premises.

“[T]he targets are characters and voices from the LGBTQ community, Blacks and Latinos, and Native Americans.”

The so-called LGBTQ community has spent the last generation successfully grafting itself onto the remnants of the Civil Rights Movement. However, there is a critical difference that often goes unspoken. Those of Black, Latino and American-Indian heritage belong to those groups by birth.

On the other hand, everyone in the alphabet soup concoction that is LGBTQ is there by choice. The popular belief among many is that these people were “born that way.” However, there is no scientific basis for that assumption. Indeed, some are more tempted in that direction than others, but that is true of all sins. Ultimately, illicit sexual behavior is still the result of choice.

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“This is a program that teaches inclusiveness and tolerance.”

In this case, the leftists set themselves up as the arbiters of acceptable and unacceptable discourse. They pretend to be inclusive while rigidly excluding expressions of opinion that they do not share. The truth of this statement is easy to prove. Go into any library that has hosted a DQSH and request space to explain the view that the practice of homosexuality is inherently sinful. After all, this is still the official position of the Catholic Church, the largest single religious body in the world. The librarians’ reactions are easy to imagine.

“Our message is the more democratic message.”

Americans are in love with democracy. That is the reason that it shows up in so much leftist literature. However, their use of the word shows that they deliberately misinterpret it. This most straightforward and accurate definition of democracy is “majority rule,” usually measured in some sort of voting process. No one ever voted for DQSH.

Indeed, the whole movement is the creation of a tiny group of people actively trying to recast American society. No extensive collection of people has ever petitioned a library to demand DQSHs. No community had ever taken a vote about these exhibitions before they took place in a taxpayer-funded building facilitated by public employees.

Indeed, leftists are only interested in democracy when the word can be used as a cudgel to bend others to their will.

“We respect where families are and whatever is right for them.”

In recent years, the left has redefined the family to include any grouping that lives together with bonds of affection. Thus, the defenders of DQSH seek to control the debate by using this definition.

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While this argument is superficially respectful, it implies that the traditional families are selfish and only look after their particular families, while the library is looking out for the interests of all families. Such a distinction distorts and destroys the notion of what a family is.

Drag Queen Story Hours are “deemed objectionable by a rapidly growing number of parent groups.”

Leftists enjoy using the word “deemed” as a way to undercut the views of their opponents. This usage paints the revolutionaries as people who think deeply about these subjects. They are the wise ones who understand the various interests at play. On the other hand, they see their opponents as knee-jerk reactionaries who react instinctively and negatively to social change. Therefore, the left can safely ignore the conservative view—it simply does not count.

“This is super well-organized.”

In the Globe article, a librarian described her fear of the anti-DQSH protesters. In truth, the protesters do not need organization because the danger is readily apparent. It favors the idea of a conspiracy or hidden direction behind the protests.

However, if anyone is super well organized, it is the DQSH people. These exhibitions are well-organized under the auspices of the American Library Association. The organization’s webpage reveals who entered this fight and is prepared to do battle.

“Many libraries across the country have been hosting or participating in Drag Queen Story Hours. A few have experienced pushback from some members of their community. To support libraries facing challenges we have established this collection of resources. ALA… is instrumental in creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive society. This includes a commitment to combating marginalization and underrepresentation within the communities served by libraries through increased understanding of the effects of historical exclusion.”

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“About 20 neo-Nazis shouted [at participants] as they arrived for a Drag Story Hour.”

The Globe asserted that neo-Nazis had organized the protest, although the newspaper presented no photos, organizations or facts to bolster that assertion. This is pure guilt by association. Having participated in several of these protests, this author can assure readers that these rallies consist of parents and people who are sincere in their desire to protect their children and communities from real moral danger.

The left is very adept at character assassination. For it, anyone who respects tradition is automatically a fascist. From that, calling them “neo-Nazis” is a tiny step.

“PEN America, a nonprofit organization that promotes free expression….”

DQSH supporters promote the idea that their allies are interested purely in freedom for all. However, this assertion is far from reality. Consider this paragraph from PEN America’s website.

“PEN America is a national leader in fighting educational censorship in both higher ed and K-12. Our signature campaign against educational gag orders—legislative restrictions on the freedom to learn and teach that have swept the country since January 2021—has generated media coverage in over a hundred publications.”

What are the “educational gag orders” that have PEN America so concerned? They are legislative responses to parental demands that the state protect their children from ideas that they are ill-equipped to understand and interpret. A prime example would be the famous Florida law often mislabeled the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” which says that schools cannot teach gender ideology to children under Grade Three.

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Unlike the machinations of the American Library Association, these legislative acts were proposed and passed by representatives elected by the people of their states.


These are some arguments used by DQSH promoters. One thing is evident from the objections: protests against the shameless exhibits are causing major problems for those who want to mainstream the LGBTQ agenda and ideology into society. This conclusion should encourage protesters to keep up the good fight for childhood innocence.

Photo Credit: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS – Jennifer Ricard