How “Psychonauts” Want to Take Society Down a Dark and Macabre Path

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How “Psychonauts” Want to Take Society Down a Dark and Macabre Path
With the support of Big Pharma, DMT is going mainstream. Soon prolonged stays in psychedelic space will be open to the masses.

On the outer limits of unreality, some individuals are exploring new frontiers that they hope will take them beyond a fleeting state of drugged ecstasy. These pioneers seek mind-altering experiences that might last for days, using a nascent technology known as extended-state DMT.

Things are still not in place, but the day is fast approaching when such trips might happen.

They call themselves “psychonauts” and claim to find value in extended stays in the drug netherworld. The leftist website, The New Republic, reports on the use of the hallucinogenic molecule known as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which can be coursed through the body via intravenous infusion. Instead of the minutes-long highs caused by smoking DMT-tainted substances, the new system can be regulated to last hours or even days. The psychonauts are launched into not outer but psychedelic space to test the limits of the imagination.

Voyages into the Void

Such voyages into the void are only in the beginning phase of development since they require state-approved processes and monitors to serve as a sort of mission control to keep the lengthy trips from going awry. However, recent changes to state drug laws have encouraged “research,” therapy or treatment centers to pop up like magic mushrooms.

Colorado and Oregon are the leading states that classify such potential use as “natural medicine.” Colorado voters just approved psychedelic “therapy” at state-approved “healing centers” that will eventually include DMT treatments.

Currently, psychonauts are “training” with shorter cannabis and ketamine-assisted sessions. They must bring back their experiences by writing detailed accounts of what happens during these short trips that usually fade quickly from memory. In Boulder, one center claims that such exercises are part of FDA-approved clinical research following the most stringent safety protocols to serve the area’s extensive “psychedelic community.”

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Of course, those involved in the research make largely unverified claims that extended-state DMT programs will help treat trauma, depression or general feelings of meaninglessness. The short trips provide users with stimulating experiences often described as “more real than real.” The research does little to address the causes of the psychological problems.

Venture into the Unknown

The extended state DMT experiments are ventures into the unknown. The detailed accounts of these drug trips are of questionable scientific value. Until recently, the scientific community looked upon the whole field as something on the lunatic fringe of medicine.

Thus, the new experiments are taking place in a Wild-West climate that is messy and unregulated. While DMT infusion is a logical platform for longer drug trips, no one knows about the additional risks involved in long sessions. Moreover, many believe hallucinogens can cause mental disorders like psychosis, and longer trips will make things much worse.

Many of those working as DMT facilitators are not even medical doctors. Professionals involved tend to keep their names hidden for now. Oregon and Colorado are still working out the details of how the process can be administered as “natural medicine.”

Experiments with this “natural medicine” are still shady. Thus, DMT promoters are considering setting up a center in Jamaica, where drug laws are lax enough to minimize the legal risks. Facilitators are still looking into how to deal with bodily functions during multi-day drug stupors, with some suggesting astronaut diapers.

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Everything about the project suggests an excuse for addicts to take their drug use to yet more potent and prolonged highs.

A Dark Mystical Side

However, there is a sinister side behind the extended DMT “research.” The modern use of hallucinogenic drugs has always been about escaping reality. The explosion of the sixties drug culture unleashed the desire to explore the irrational fantasies of the imagination and escape from the restraints of reason, morality and consciousness. Its overtones are anti-Western, anti-rational and liberating despite the obvious health risks.

Pre-modern use of drugs in tribal contexts induced dream states, transcendental experiences and hallucinations. Drugs served as a gateway to the spirit world, involving superstitions, witchcraft, magic and the occult. Tribal societies also found that these processes can induce a state of pseudo-mysticism that substitutes the human need for spiritual fulfillment.

The new extended DMT experience returns to these past images to escape a brutal world that causes the mental disorders it seeks to remedy. It introduces a macabre world of fantasy that aims to substitute the real world. It invokes new and dangerous spirits.

A Tribal Underground

The psychedelic community embraces the tribal connection in the new DMT efforts by masquerading as natural medicine. One popular experience is drinking ayahuasca, a primitive brew of plants containing DMT, used in pagan religious and healing ceremonies among Peruvian Indians.

Over the years, Peruvian shamans have instructed Westerners on the ceremonial use of the drugged drink. Today, underground networks exist in the United States and Europe in which postmodern shamans—usually not South Americans—serve ayahuasca brew and guide people through the hours-long vomit-inducing ceremony seeking DMT ecstasy.

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The DMT experience does not exclude connections with the spirit world. Rick Strassman, a clinical psychiatrist specializing in psychedelic studies, claims that prolonged DMT experiences will facilitate a “more stable and fulsome communication with the beings.” Many DMT trippers repeatedly report that strange and intelligent creatures appear in semi-mystical encounters.

Going Mainstream

The ability of DMT to catapult a person out of depression has not escaped the notice of Big Pharma. Laws have long forbidden pharmaceutical firms to dabble in psychedelics. Now, it appears the path is as wide as the Amazon.

The new legal opportunities are prompting corporate research to open up a global psychedelic drug market that might be worth billions of dollars. Future projects already include an ayahuasca pill and a DMT injection.

The optimists see DMT as a creative problem-solving tool to find mind-boggling solutions to problems. More pragmatic yet woke corporate leaders see a change to cash in an ESG-friendly line of products that look good in their portfolios.

One thing is clear. With the support of Big Pharma, DMT is going mainstream. Soon prolonged stays in psychedelic space will be open to the masses.

A Self-Destructive Path

The appearance of the psychonauts is an indication of where all society is going. The extended DMT trip is just one of many experiences (like the metaverse) that lead to a return to dark pagan times supercharged by new mind-altering technologies. It is a step in an absurd process of total escape from the restraints of reality, identity, morality and even consciousness. 

The result can only be self-destruction and illusion. Such counterfeit methods cannot address the spiritual yearnings of the human soul.

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Indeed, the Church liberated the pagan world from the oppression of superstition, magic and the occult. She taught peoples how to face reality and bear the suffering caused by fallen nature. Above all, a true and rational Christian spirituality allows a union with a loving God and a connection with all that is good, true and beautiful.

The psychonaut’s quest must be denounced for what it is—a hellish and macabre journey into unreality.

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