A Humble Baker’s Conscience Under Attack

Live and let live does not seem to apply equally. Recently a Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled that Christian business owner, Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop, must bake cakes for homosexual “marriages” in spite of his conscientious objections based … Continue reading

Kerry’s 97 Percent of What?

This year’s graduating class at Boston College was treated to empty rhetoric about “climate change” by its commencement speaker, Secretary of State John Kerry. During his discourse, he derided any questioning of the failed computer models of global cooling, global … Continue reading

The EPA’s War on Electricity

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seems to be given a never-ending authority to interfere in a critical part of the U.S. infrastructure—electrical generation. The pretext is the classification of CO2 as a pollutant, despite the fact that this naturally occurring … Continue reading

Corporate Flight From California’s Socialism

Major corporations are pulling up decades-old roots in sunny California and heading for greener pastures elsewhere. The list of companies is quite impressive: Nissan, Raytheon, Occidental Petroleum, Legalzoom, Waste Connections, Daegis, and Revionics. The most recent to join their ranks—Toyota … Continue reading

The Global Warming Polar Bear Scare

In November 1999, the BBC ran an article with an alarming title, “Global Warming Could Starve Polar Bears.” The main argument was that man-made greenhouse gases were increasing in disturbing amounts and causing the aggregate global temperature to increase dramatically … Continue reading

The Failure of Green Energy

Who would not want renewable, clean and affordable energy? The promise is great, but do green power sources live up to their claims? It seems that the only green to be found is from taxpayers’ pockets to environmentally friendly construction … Continue reading

Argentina: Repeating the Tragedy of Venezuela

It appears that Argentina and Venezuela have more in common than meets the eye. They were both Spanish colonies, have a majority Catholic population, once enjoyed a vibrant and growing economy—and they are both falling headlong into chaos, bankruptcy, civil … Continue reading

Can Technology Completely Replace Humans?

With computers, robots and other digital technologies acquiring basic tasks and even more advanced skills at an extraordinary rate, what is the future of the labor market? For more than a century, automation has increasingly replaced a portion of the … Continue reading

Venezuela: Socialism’s Shining Star of Success

Socialist politicians have an uncanny ability to make poor decisions regarding the betterment of their country. Having seized power in 1999 as leader of the Fifth Republic Movement, Hugo Chávez steadily led Venezuela into an increasingly leftist state nationalizing industries … Continue reading

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