Abortion: The Ultimate Act of Terrorism

As hundreds of thousands of pro-life activists gathered in Washington DC for the annual March for Life on January 22, it marks 42 years of protest against legalized abortion. One wonders about the contradiction, even outright hypocrisy, from some of … Continue reading

Socialized Medicine Scores Big in Venezuela

With civilized countries looking to depart from traditional methods of healthcare, and some forcibly implementing a socialist alternative, a quick look at how things are going in socialist Venezuela might give a taste of things to come. According to El … Continue reading

Venezuela’s Socialist Utopia is out of Gas

Resource rich Venezuela, which boasts of having some of largest oil reserves in the world, has now reached an all time low in petroleum production. The exportation of crude oil used to account for 95 percent of Venezuela’s export earnings … Continue reading

Pro-Choice: The Choice of Failure

In a stunning exposé revealing the truth about the abortion movement, Time Magazine ran a January 2013 cover article titled “Roe v. Wade, They’ve Been Losing Ever Since.” Young women and politicians alike are distancing themselves from the abortion industry … Continue reading

It’s China’s Turn to Resurrect Cuba

After decades of pumping money into the Cuban prison island, Russia’s efforts ceased due to its own failed economy in 1991. The Russian bear was left hanging with $35 billion in uncollectable debt. Now China’s President Xi Jinping wants to … Continue reading

Imagine—A Restaurant With no Servers or Served

Chili’s, the national Mexican restaurant chain, has announced that it will be installing 45,000 tablet-style ordering stations nationwide. This gives patrons the ability, so to speak, to order online while seated and not have to interact with waiters. Why the … Continue reading

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