Assisted Reproductive Technology: Making Children an Entitlement

Assisted Reproductive Technology: Making Children an EntitlementThe sexual revolution decades ago drove to separate the marital act from marriage. Promiscuity for both men and women transformed mentalities almost overnight. The act of procreation was turned into an act of recreation. The use of contraception, abortion, and sterilization ensured that pregnancy would not result from what came to be termed as “free love.”

Only the outcome did not live up to the original promises. Instead of freedom, millions of people became enslaved to sexual vices. Rather than a society of love, abuse and violence have followed a long trail of broken homes and relationships. Extolling the gratification of all desires has even transformed marriage itself from an indissoluble union to a contract of convenience. Each person is suddenly an object of desire, with men, women and even children considered entirely interchangeable.

Worse yet, a single lie has devastated those most vulnerable. Generations have suffered because of the falsehood that children do not need to be brought up by their married mother and father.

From “Free Love” to Expensive Technology

With the successful separation of the marital act from marriage, the next step now unfolding is separating the procreative act from procreation. In-vitro fertilization, egg freezing, artificial insemination and surrogacy are the latest means devised for begetting children. Procreation has been turned into production.
Use of these methods comes with a high monetary cost. Yet the price of this technology pales in comparison with the price these children must pay — not just once, but for their entire lives.

Children born from the use of these modern technologies are seldom raised by their married mother and father. Two men, two women, single individuals or even groups can pay to have children produced for them, pretending they are their own. These children grow up not knowing their own history, cut off from the family tree. Worse, millions of embryos are destroyed in these modern processes, further depriving these children of their own brothers and sisters. The caretakers of these children are no longer selfless mothers and fathers who sacrifice to bring children into the world. Children now exist solely for the happiness of the caretaker.

The foundress of Planned Parenthood openly advocated exterminating society’s “undesirables,” including the mentally and physically handicapped, along with Blacks and Hispanics. Her means for this end were promoting contraception, abortion and sterilization. What slogan did she come up with to push this agenda? “Every child a wanted child.” Taken to its logical conclusion, the slogan should truthfully finish, “Every unwanted child a dead child.” The decades-old practice of selling parts of aborted babies for profit by Planned Parenthood should shock no one. After all, the deliberate killing of these neonatal humans is far worse.

The concept of having the perfect child at the perfect time no matter the cost later led to the development of these artificial reproductive technologies. Just like abortion and contraception before them, collateral damage includes the death of millions of “undesirables” who will never see the light of day.

A Modern Slaughter of the Innocents

In an article published in 2006,1 when the debate about the destruction of human embryos for their stem cells was raging, journalist Michael Kinsley wrote, “In short, if embryos are human beings with full human rights, fertility clinics are death camps.”

Though he is no advocate for the embryo, Mr. Kinsley’s conclusion is 100% correct. There is no getting around the biological truth of the embryo’s humanity. All people of good will should speak out against this slaughter going on under the guise of producing perfect children.

The truth is this: no one deserves a child. Yes, childlessness can be painful. But this does not justify using artificial means to achieve one’s goals, especially considering the lives lost in the process. Life is a precious gift. None of us have asked for it. No society should condone depriving others of their lives to achieve personal satisfaction.

The natural ideal of husband and wife being open to as many children as God wants to give them through the miracle of life is now being rejected. In its place, we have people paying a high price to play God to get the children they “deserve” for their own gratification. If we do not reject these disturbing trends, society as we know it will be cut off from the past and face a dystopian future.


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