Why are Modern Video Games Including “Transgender” Characters?

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Why are Modern Video Games Including “Transgender” Characters?
Why are Modern Video Games Including “Transgender” Characters?
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In a world where both the Disney Company and the nation’s elementary schools openly discuss “gender orientation,” it had to happen. A popular video game has added “transgender” characters to its available options.

Video games succeed by capturing the interests of players. That is not automatically harmful. However, discovering one’s interest in a video game often occurs through a surge of energy, a dopamine rush that can lead a person to play longer and more intensely. It can lead to intemperance in which the intellect is no longer in control of the passions and sensibilities.

In addition, the video game world has flowered during an age when popular culture frowns upon virtue. Therefore, it surprises no one that most video games promote sinful or violent activities.

The Sims

At first, Sims was an exception to the tendency of video games to rush to the violent and sleazy sides of life. By the early nineties, students were playing Sim City, a game that premiered in 1989. The goal was to simulate (hence the name) the construction of a city. It was a junior-level representation of the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) methods that swept through architectural and industrial fields.

In 2000, The Sims debuted. This new game was less about engineering and architecture and more about imaginary people created by the players living their virtual lives. It has gone through four generations with multiple “expansion packs.”

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The current generation, The Sims 4, carries the slogan “Forget Limits. Find Yourself.” It encourages players to “Explore the latest and greatest worlds, experiences, and stories. Typical expansion pack titles for The Sims 4 are “City Living,” “Get Famous,” “Eco Lifestyle,” and “Snowy Escape.” Others carry more ominous titles, like “Vampires” and “Werewolves.”

A Fantasy Built Upon a Fantasy

Many wish to be more intelligent; others wish to be more athletic. The short want to be tall. Cosmetics are popular because they allow people to present faces slightly better than those they see in the mirror. Thus, many people have a vision of what they wish they were rather than the persons they are.

“The Sims” allows players to create presumably better versions of themselves. That is one of the reasons for its long-running popularity.

That is also why the most recent change in the game causes concern. The Daily Signal describes the situation.

“On top of being yet another example of woke corruption in the gaming sphere, the addition of so-called transgender customization options raises questions about how the left views transgenderism and its current boost to social status.”

Exposing one of the Transgender Movement’s Lies

Presumably, the transgender movement is built upon the idea that some boys are “trapped” in girls’ bodies and vice versa. If that were true, such a boy playing The Sims could choose to present his character as a girl. A “gender dysphoric” girl could pretend to be a boy. But—as the Daily Signal story continues:

“In a fantasy world where the player can be whatever he wants to be and craft an avatar to match his vision of himself—in other words, a man who feels like he’s a woman could have a female avatar—why would one willingly choose a transgender avatar instead?”

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The answer is that being “transgender” has become fashionable. For some, at least, possessing this discordant and troubled personality is superior to being a normal person of either sex. Such people do not wish to be the contrary sex; they want to rebel against that which they are—and the God who made them that way.

Confused Adolescence

This situation is even more confusing because the “sufferers” are often adolescents. In these postmodern times, these years are filled with conflict and confusion. Young people are taught they can be anything yet rarely have solid ideas of the people they want to be.

The ease of confusing today’s adolescents is why “gender ideology” is so dangerous. This effect is significantly higher for children from broken homes and those who have tense relationships with their parents for any number of reasons. While the coming of adulthood is exciting in many respects, it can also be terrifying.

Thus, postmodern adolescents are more than customarily affected by current trends, fads and celebrities. Given the increasing “trendiness” of transgenderism, it can easily cause young people to wonder if they are “transsexual” themselves. Add in the influence of an “understanding” counselor, and the tide may be all but irresistible. The new version of “The Sims 4” will only contribute to the confusion.

A Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem

Most impartial and well-grounded adults know what the confused adolescent does not—that such problems often dissipate with time and maturity. That is part of the reason activists are so eager to “work” with adolescents in hopes of inflating the number of those living lives of “transsexuals”—and, hence, the public acceptance of transsexuality. They played this game to great success in the related field of homosexuality. These veterans of the sexual revolution are eager to repeat that success on an even more fundamental and destructive level.

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Another crucial factor is that most “treatments” for gender dysphoria are irreversible. Once puberty is delayed and surgeries have taken place, the chances for everyday life as a member of one’s natural sex are essentially over. The recent cases of Chloe Cole, Keira Bell and Chris Beck all point to the massive challenges that those who realize they have made a terrible mistake face.

America’s children must be protected from such a fate. America’s doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists should be at the forefront of those preventing this abuse rather than the primary promoters of these barbaric practices. One of the things that parents and doctors should fight is the effect of The Sims 4. This is a culture war where everything is part of the battle.