What’s the Point of Ball-Point Pens?

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What’s the Point of Ball-Point Pens?As the left shrieks for stricter gun control, Colorado’s Democrat-controlled House passed a statewide ban on concealed-carry weapons on college campuses along with several other radical gun-control measures. They also managed to disparage conceal-carry supporters and female students who prefer not to depend on the government for protection.

Colorado Senator Jessie Ulibarri went so far as to suggest that instead of carrying a gun for protection, innocent victims would be better off blowing a whistle or using a ballpoint pen to stab the assailant when he stops to reload.1

Many of the uninformed live in the illusion that police exist to protect them from all possible criminal action, and this notion could not be further from the truth. Police can only take action after or during a crime. They cannot incarcerate a person simply because he or she might commit a crime. Furthermore, there simply are not enough police in existence to watch over and protect everyone all of the time. It is an individual’s right to provide reasonable protection for themselves and their loved ones.

Many universities are advising women that passive resistance may be their best defense. Schools are recommending to those who come under attack to tell their attacker that they have a disease, or to engage in theatrics by faking a faint or seizure.

But some women have other ideas. Until 2010, firearms sales to women held steady for the past few decades. A 2005 Gallup poll found that only 13 percent of women owned guns, and in six short years, this number has jumped to 23 percent.2 Tina Wilson-Cohen is the founder of She Can Shoot, a women’s shooting league with 3,000 members nationwide, stated that 90 percent of their members joined because “they’ve been a victim at one point of their life, of stalking or date rape or domestic violence, or they have just felt so vulnerable, and they want to feel competent and like they can protect themselves.”3

In other words, it is simply not sane to sit and wait for the police to arrive after making a 911 call. The response time for police to arrive after a 911 call varies from four minutes to one hour, and the average time is ten minutes. Twenty-six people died in the Sandy Hook massacre with the police responding in less than eight minutes.

Liberal politicians are clamoring to implement severe “gun control” measures in order to reduce crime; unfortunately, this is nothing more than a euphemism for people control. Some in this group want to take guns out of the hands of women who want to defend themselves against aggression. However, many of the same people have no issue with putting guns in the hands of women in brutal combat in the military. Passive resistance seems to work only one way. If these politicians want to be consistent with their belief in passive resistance they should arm the Secret Service with ballpoint pens instead of guns.


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