What Happens When Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truths Face the Facts

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What Happens When Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truths Face the Facts
What Happens When Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truths Face the Facts

In the climate control debate, the facts should matter. There should be a calm discussion of the facts before taking measures. However, this conversation is not happening. Instead, those who question the climate consensus are censored, labeled and vilified by the media while those who promote the climate agenda are favored, uncensored and praised. Who do we believe if there is no scientific, open and rational debate?

To answer this question, Gregory Wrightstone has written a book titled Inconvenient Facts: The Science that Al Gore Doesn’t Want You to Know with the foreword by Viscount Monckton of Brenchley. The book aims to address Al Gore’s award-winning book, An Inconvenient Truth, in which he warns the world about the catastrophic consequences of man-made global warming.

The only way for Wrightstone to make his case watertight is to back up his facts with indisputable evidence. He provides a comprehensive report based upon peer-reviewed scientific studies culled from 162 reputable sources. These are not just professional opinions but real scientific data. He examines each of Gore’s core arguments and dismantles them with no less than sixty stunning Inconvenient Facts.

This process is made easier by the fact that many of Gore’s arguments are not only inconvenient, but they are not facts. They are much more conjectures than proofs. The former vice president makes ample use of unprovable hypotheses charged with a good deal of emotion.

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Thus, many times Wrightstone refutes these claims by putting them into historical context. The rise in the amount of CO2 gas is a good example. He does not contest that since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (circa 1860), there has been a steady increase in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. A sharper rise also occurs after World War II.

However, he notes that thousands of years ago, CO2 levels were higher than today. Therefore, creating a chart showing the sharp increase of CO2 levels over the past 160 years skews the perception of the unsuspecting reader into thinking the sky is falling. Such a chart, which seems compelling, does not show the entire picture. It omits the basic premise of scientific work, which seeks to establish and compare to a baseline.

This book presents an objective analysis of man-made global warming and extreme weather. The author does not deny a small degree of warming, a rise in sea levels, and an increase in CO2 levels. However, he shows that increased CO2 levels benefit civilization. There are now fewer deaths due to warming and an enormous increase in crop production. Some crop yields, for example, have increased 77.8 percent per acre from 1961 to 2010. Using accurate scientific reports, Wrightstone remains entirely calm and impartial avoiding the drama and sensationalism of climate alarmists and the media.

Because he is so objective, I feel compelled to agree with his conclusions. He rightly contends that science is not decided by consensus. Opinions alone do not matter. Facts must bear out the truth—and must be followed. Having a majority does not count when proclaiming scientific truths. Consensus, opinions and agendas have no place in science. People can have their personal opinions, but not their personal facts.

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An attachment to the facts is what makes Wrightstone’s work so persuasive. He dismantles each talking point of the climate alarmists in a clear, serious and formal manner. Nowhere is the reader left wondering how he arrived at his conclusions. This book is an easy read and very well suited for anyone who questions climate alarmists. Those with opposite viewpoints would do well to open their minds to his arguments.

In addition to objectivity, the author uses language that is clear and convincing. Every idea is developed logically to its conclusion. Every point is substantiated with data from credible sources that provides the information needed to refute the cherry-picked details climate alarmists use to mislead the public. Ample charts and maps are very helpful in visualizing each of the sixty facts. It is a short, easy read that is well written and sprinkled with a small dose of irony.

In his summary, Wrightstone asks his readers to have the courage to do nothing. That is to say, don’t take any action proposed by biased media and alarmist politicians. These “Green New Deal” measures will only prove destructive to society and help implement socialist agendas benefiting no one.

What Happens When Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truths Face the Facts

The author is well qualified to present these inconvenient facts based on his credentials as a geologist with over 35 years of experience investigating the Earth and its processes. He received his undergraduate degree from Waynesburg University and his masters in geology from West Virginia University. He is an ardent advocate of a fundamental tenet of English law: Audiatur et altera pars, may the other side also be heard. Wrightstone does just that with this book.

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I definitely recommend this book since it defends the order in civilization and the restoration of the light of reason. This work comes as a breath of fresh air because it answers so well the “experts” with their skewed information and fuzzy logic, who declare the world is about to end. These sixty eye-opening facts speak volumes to our common sense and will clarify confused minds about our climate and what we should do in the face of the climate alarmists.

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