Watch Out for Communist China

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Watch Out for Communist China
TFP Student Action volunteers handed out flyers and took surveys in front of the Allen Street Gate in State College, Penn.

Americans have good reason to distrust China. The recent contaminated Chinese exports remind us of a problem larger than tainted produce or toxic toys: China is still under communist rule and its people suffer brutal oppression, proven by continued forced abortions, religious persecution, and human rights violations.

Tradition Family Property Student Action members alerted university students about the China scandals at the Allen Street Gates located at the heart of Penn State University on Monday, September 10. Leaflets were distributed all over campus titled “Warning: Made in China.” Students received the information eagerly and questioned whether unrestricted trade with China will come back to haunt us. “Aren’t we feeding a communist giant?” was a sentiment shared by many, concerned with closer ties with communist China.

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima, TFP Student Action volunteers have incorporated more prayer into their campus activities. This time, after reciting a public Campus Rosary for America on the busy sidewalk, a Penn State University student stopped and said: “Your organization is just awesome. I’m Catholic, but I am afraid to display my faith in public or tell others about it. Now that I saw you guys pray the Rosary out here, I won’t be afraid to affirm my faith anymore and tell people that I am Catholic.”

What students think about China

Here are the results of a three-question opinion poll conducted at Penn State University by members of TFP Student Action:

1. After tainted food, toothpaste, and toy exports from China, are you inclined to avoid products made in China?
Yes – 36%
No – 45%
Undecided – 19%

2. Given China’s official policy of forced abortions, forced labor camps and religious persecution, would you rather see the 2008 Olympics held elsewhere and not in Beijing?
Yes – 42.5%
No – 35%
Undecided – 22.5%

3. Since 2002, Communist China enjoys permanent normal trading relations (PNTR) status with the United States. Would you favor revoking that privileged status?
Yes – 32%
No – 34.5%
Undecided – 33.5%

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