Two Americas React to the COVID-19 Crisis

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Two Americas React to the COVID-19 Crisis
Two Americas React to the COVID-19 Crisis

The morning of March 21 seemed to be like any other Saturday morning in York, Pennsylvania. However, it wasn’t. The outbreak of the coronavirus has changed so many aspects of our daily life, not the least being the closure of many stores and businesses. Like all faithful Catholics, we suffer from the most devastating transformation, which is the closure of all Churches and the loss of access to Mass and the sacraments.

Despite all these drastic changes, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is still in the trenches fighting the battle for moral values. On this particular March morning, coronavirus notwithstanding, the American TFP was holding hundreds of rosary rallies in defense of traditional marriage all across the U.S.

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A Long Lineup at the Local Marijuana Dispensary

Our group of TFP members headed to the town of York, Pennsylvania, to join some local Catholics for a traditional marriage rosary rally. En route to our destination, we passed Rise dispensary, a marijuana facility. We were surprised to see that the marijuana store was not closed like most other “non-essential” stores in the state because of the coronavirus.

However, this was not the case. Not only was the store open, but business was booming. As we passed the drug hub, we observed a line of at least 20 people extending out the door of the facility into the parking lot. It appears that the cannabis facilities do fall under this “life-sustaining” category…while churches do not.

Braving COVID-19 to Defend Traditional Marriage

Upon our arrival at the rally location, we unfurled our banner proclaiming “God’s Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman.” We joined local Catholics to pray the Rosary, offering up our prayers to God in reparation for the same-sex unions that are contrary to Church teaching and natural law.

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Throughout the rosary rally in downtown York, passersby were surprisingly supportive. Many people gave enthusiastic thumbs up. Cars burst into loud honks.

A Eucharistic Procession

After our rosary rally, we learned that, only a few hours earlier, the parish right next door to the rally promoted a Eucharistic procession.

Because of the coronavirus threat, the priest at the local St. Patrick’s Catholic Church led a procession around the Church parking lot to implore God’s mercy. Faithful Catholics gathered around, some standing, others kneeling, in devout adoration.

This incredible display of devotion on the part of this devoted pastor and his flock was a perfect prelude to our rally. Both events strengthened our resolve to fight for the family and faith.

Two Americas, Two Mentalities, Two Faiths

Returning from the rally, we could not help but think about the interesting contrast between the “procession” of the people at the marijuana dispensary and the group of faithful Catholics who took part in the Eucharistic procession and the later rally.

The Coronavirus Is a Call to Return to God

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, one America is reacting to the crisis by turning to its “sacraments,” which are drugs, and technology. They hope to find comfort in these mirages. However, they are deceived by these false idols. The other America is responding to this crisis by turning to God, the Blessed Sacrament and His law.

As this infectious virus spreads, we must be a part of the faithful America, which is turning to God. Together we must beseech His forgiveness for the grave sins of our nation, and hope in his Grace and mercy.

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