The Twenty-Eighth State?

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28th_2So far, twenty-seven states have amended their constitutions to protect traditional marriage. Pennsylvania may be on the way to becoming the twenty-eighth state.

On March 17 the Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on the proposed amendment. The next day a vote was held to see if the bill would make it to the Senate floor. In a 10-to-4 vote, the proposition passed. All now that is required is the somewhat formidable approval of both legislative chambers in two consecutive two-year sessions and final approval through a state referendum.

Seventeen state senators sponsor the proposition with Senator Michael Brubaker as the prime sponsor.
The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property expressed its support for the proposed amendment. Gathered outside of the State Capitol building in Strawberry Square on March 17, TFP members distributed pro-traditional marriage flyers and held a banner that read “Marriage is not a creation of the State. It was established by God in Paradise, with our first parents, Adam and Eve (cf. Gen 2:24). Vote YES for traditional marriage! Approve SB 1250 and amend Pennsylvania’s Constitution.”
28th_4Signs with “HONK for Traditional Marriage” received support from passing drivers in downtown Harrisburg. Throughout the morning, TFP pipers played bagpipe music that filled the air punctuated by the shrill honking of many horns.

Passersby overwhelmingly affirmed their rejection of same-sex “marriage.”

“It’s common sense,” said one gentleman, “it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

If the proposed amendment is approved, the change will only take place in 2009.


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