The Empty Grandeur of Beijing’s Olympic Disaster

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The Empty Grandeur of Beijing’s Olympic Disaster
The Empty Grandeur of Beijing’s Olympic Disaster

As Beijing tries to show the world how well it can host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, it is plagued with severe setbacks. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials hoped to gain prestige by hosting the event in a perfectly ordered communist environment. However, it has devolved into a public relations nightmare.

Rather than celebrating the Party’s glory, the games only highlight its failures, such as the Uyghur genocide, the uncontrolled COVID pandemic and good old-fashioned communist snooping on its guests. The planned hype around the games has not materialized. Viewership is down, and stadiums are empty. There is no colorful activity of athletes in the Olympic villages where journalists snap pictures.

Due to a poor choice of location, there is no snow at the game venues. However, there are plenty of security guards, empty streets, temperature scanners and medics.

The cause of this disaster is Beijing’s “closed-loop” system that has turned the Winter Olympics into a Wuhan virus hotspot.  All the game venues have been closed off. The closed-loop idea is to isolate those inside from the virus outside by careful screening. This bad idea is the typical fruit of the communist mentality that thinks everything can be controlled and pre-determined by the Communist Party.

It is also a failed idea. As of February 2, 232 confirmed COVID cases penetrated the “perfect” closed-loop system. Instead of isolating the athletes, coaches and support staff are now enclosed with the Chinese plague.

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If such breaches had happened anywhere else in the world, the mainstream media would be up in arms, demanding the Olympics be moved or canceled. Moreover, there would be outrage from celebrities and clergy alike writing op-eds clamoring for the athletes’ safety and exposing the government’s failure.

But this is communist China—there is only silence…

Worse than silence, Thomas Bach, head of the International Olympic Committee, visited the athletes and staff at the closed-loop charade. To no one’s surprise, he praised the CCP for its safety measures and commented on how all should look forward to having successful Olympic winter games.

He further stated that they should thank their gracious hosts in Beijing, despite the glaring atrocities happening in China. The Olympians had enough stress due to the supposed “safety” of the closed-loop. Due to Chinese KGB-style espionage, they also had to endure the constant fear of espionage and stolen personal data.

The problem of Chinese access to personal data is not a conspiracy theory. The FBI has suggested that those participating in the games leave their personal phones home and buy disposable “burner” phones. Over 1,000 American participants have followed this advice. Seven other national committees issued similar guidelines.

Could anyone imagine this happening in France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Japan or America?

To add insult to injury, all foreign athletes must download a “health app” called my2022 to track the athlete’s health during their stay in Beijing. Many experts call it a hacker’s dream. While it may track certain health metrics, it also tracks and can capture location, texts, calls, emails and photographs.

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The icing on the anti-privacy cake is a dormant censoring software that blocks blacklisted words such as Xi Jinping, Dalai Lama, the Quran, along with approximately 2,400 additional words and phrases. Government officials do not deny the existence of this feature but say it has been turned off for the Olympics. However, verifying this claim is difficult, if not impossible.

Meanwhile, Western media giants like NBC follow the party (Communist Party) line. NBC presented China as a champion of the developing world that provides aid to nations in Africa and Latin America. The liberal network does not show how this aid favors communist goals and strategies. There is no mention of the Uyghur genocide or the brutal repression in East Turkistan (Xinjiang).

However, the cold, sterile setting inside the “closed-loop” venue is symbolic of the artificial treatment given to the communists. The empty grandeur of the Winter Olympics exposes the theatrics of pretending that Communist China is just one more legitimate government like any other in the Free World.

Indeed, the Beijing Olympics will be remembered as the failed COVID genocide games with the agenda of advancing Chinese Red propaganda.

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