The Death of a Civilization Immersed in Sin

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The Death of a Civilization Immersed in SinThe once Christian Western world is gradually sinking into a sea of mud in ever-thickening darkness. Vice and error are glorified as virtue and truth is persecuted. People no longer boast of moral righteousness and of the rule of reason but of libertinism, irrationality and the “deconstruction” of the concepts which sustain the life of thought.

The crisis of the family, the perversion of the youth, the growth of random and senseless violence, fruit of an ever more intense criminality, are spreading by the day.

We are witnessing the tenebrous sunset of a civilization; a new invasion of barbarians, not on horseback through the steppes or boldly crossing seas in rickety boats: they are born and raised in this very world they are going to destroy. They are a fruit of the counter-education received from broken homes, schools, society, and a media and entertainment industry gone awry.

No civilization can sustain itself and make progress without being based on logical and coherent thought and on solid and consistent morals. In other words, truth and good are the foundation and pillars sustaining the social, cultural and religious life that give a sense of purpose to the lives of individuals and to the collective life of peoples. If this is missing there is chaos in people’s minds, customs, and in society.

The frantic quest for absolute and unbridled freedom has led man to shake off all restrictions imposed by morals, logic and even nature. Deconstruction of the truth and the good has led him to “deconstruct” the reality of his own body by denying the evidence of his sex stemming from anatomy and physiology; and as a consequence, he plunges himself into the surreal world of the homosexual culture.

Without the truth to guide him and morals to govern him, man has turned into flotsam and jetsam adrift in the vastness of the sea, dragged away by the waves with no defined purpose or direction.

The Renaissance, when Western civilization began to turn its back on the “philosophy of the Gospel” which in the words of Pope Leo XIII characterized medieval Christendom, marked the start of a long process of apostasy that has come all the way to today’s virtually atheistic society.1

By rejecting Christianity, this decadent civilization has rejected Christ; and by rejecting the One who is Truth itself it started to love error and a world of unreality and fantasy. By falling away from truth and good this society began to seek satisfaction in sin, sinking into sin and revolt against God.

This is the reason why this civilization is dying; for, as Saint Paul reminds us, the “wages of sin is death.”2


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