The Coming Ice Age

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The Coming Ice Age - a review of Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family
The Coming Ice Age – a review of Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family

One thing modern science has shown the world is just how unscientific it can be. At times, pseudo-scientists skew data to promote a liberal agenda and rail about the evils of man and his harmful effect on the earth.

A good example is the craze that began in the seventies over global cooling, in which scientists predicted a coming ice age with disastrous effects. Proposed solutions were as extravagant as warming the world’s oceans.

Many of the same scientists now are doggedly convinced that the earth is getting hotter. Thus, some climatologists prophesize global warming that will produce a catastrophe of diluvian proportions in the not-too-distant future. In reality, as many experts now demonstrate, both of these contentions are as fictitious as they are phenomenal.

A similar myth concerning population growth was popularized in the late sixties by Paul Ehrlich’s The Population Bomb. Similar to the theories of economist Thomas Malthus, whose writings provided a foundation for Nazi thought,1 Ehrlich claimed that world population was growing at a rate that would surpass agricultural development and lead to world famine.

Population Boom or Bust?

Not only have these theories been debunked, but the exact opposite is coming true. The world fertility rate has decreased a full 50% in as many years and is heading for a population free-fall whose dire consequences will only begin to play out in the coming years. This and more are demonstrated in a recent DVD put out by SRB Documentary, LLC, titled: Demographic Winter: The Decline of the Human Family.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

The film discusses the problem and shows that its main causes are all linked to the Cultural Revolution that has radically changed society’s views on divorce, the role of women and sexual permissiveness. This shift in mentality has made children less desirable.

Particularly interesting is the film’s conclusion that the more prosperous a modern society becomes, the more its fertility rate declines. In other words, those societies with most means of supporting large families are unwilling to do so. Unlike times past, when those who had more felt obliged to give more, modern society has bred greed and egotism together with affluence.

These causes will not be easy to solve. It is not politically correct even to speak about them. As one of the documentary’s narrators states:

As a society, we do not like to talk about the causes of fertility decline. We don’t want to possibly offend other people. The really chilling thing about Demographic Winter, is that none of these causes can be easily fixed. It’s who we are, who we have become increasingly in these post-modern times.

Drastic Consequences

Currently, the developed world’s fertility rate has dropped below 2.1 children per woman, the necessary amount for each generation to replace itself. In some countries this has already led to a population decrease. For example, Russia is currently losing a full 700,000 people per year. This number is expected to sky-rocket in the years to come and by 2050, the country expects to lose a full third of its population.Along with depopulation, plummeting fertility rates are causing other problems as well. The US population is aging so rapidly, that by 2020, social security, Medicare and Medicaid will exceed all other federal spending combined. From then on, it will only get worse.

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Aging populations also result in a shortage of workers to support society. While the developed world currently imports workers from the Third World to bridge the gap, falling fertility rates in the developing world will not sustain this forever. In fact, between 1995 and 2005 the number of Mexicans under four years old dropped by one million.

Furthermore, since imported workers tend to be young to middle aged men, Third World countries suffer a simultaneous loss of fathers and manual laborers, which harms families and stifles economic development.

A Must-See

Demographic Winter presents these and other theories with all the statistics and expert opinions to back them up. It lays out the facts convincingly and so simply that anyone can follow along. It is a must see for everyone, because it deals with a subject that will affect everyone.

The world is indeed headed for a demographic ice age. Get Demographic Winter and see how this can be proven by hard scientific data, not the theorizing of would-be scientists intent on supporting a liberal ideology.

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  1. See Dr. Thomas Roder Psychiatrists – The Men Behind Hitler: The Architects of Horror (Freedom Publishing, California, 1995).

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