Finding a Job in an AI-Driven World Just Got Worse—A Personal Touch Helps Make It Better

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Finding a Job in an AI-Driven World Just Got Worse—A Personal Touch Helps Make It Better
Finding a Job in an AI-Driven World Just Got Worse—A Personal Touch Helps Make It Better

In the quest for employment, the digital job market is the great leveler. Automated resume submissions flood into the human resource departments in torrents. No one stands out.

The process is further complicated by resumes now written by non-human AI tools that enhance and might even distort reality. In their turn, managers employ counter-programs to sort through these enriched applications. They might even use an avatar to conduct a Zoom interview.

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Thus, the selection process is based on turning each person into a piece of code for data-crunching algorithms to evaluate. Everyone is standardized in the process.

Gone is the human touch that should enter into the work relationship. Both ends experience dissatisfaction.

Find a Human Worker Through Another Human

As the hiring process gets more complex, some employers are realizing that the best way to find a human worker is through another one.

The Wall Street Journal reports that personal referrals are booming in the world of business employment. A human connection vouching for another’s competence can make all the difference. Personal trust trumps algorithms in the real world.

The clogged HR departments do not have the time to swim through all the resumes coming through the front gate. It is much easier to let the new referrals enter through the back door.

While many employees are still selected from these online sources, the personal touch significantly increases the probability of landing a job. One study found that referrals now account for a third of eventual hires while representing only five percent of all applicants.

The old-fashioned referral makes sense in a world full of uncertainties and insecurity. Employers need to make sure they get the right person the first time around.

Quality Over Quantity

It is a matter of quality over quantity. Automated resumes and submissions tend to attract lower-quality applications from those who merely go through the motions of seeking jobs. Even AI-generated text has an artificially enhanced feel that can reflect a lack of effort, imagination and unfounded trust in technology alone.

Jobseekers are also frustrated by the automation. Due to the overwhelming volume, many HR departments do not bother to respond to their online submissions, and many feel shut out of the process.

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Thus, everyone loses when relying only on online listings. Indeed, some companies do not even bother posting job opportunities and are now looking for what has worked before.

Looking for Referrals From Employees

For winning solutions, many companies rely on referrals from their employees who can recommend friends like themselves to fill the jobs. Managers often offer large recruiting bonuses of several thousand dollars when an acquaintance is evaluated and accepted.

Networking works both ways. Jobseekers activate their networks and friends to get past the electronic gatekeepers and expose employers to their skill sets. They ask friends at major firms and tech companies to look for openings for them. By being persistent, their efforts can pay off with good placements for themselves and recruiting bonuses for friends.

There are many advantages to referrals over online applications.

Working with the networks of employees saves time and money by shortening the hiring process. Employees feel involved in the company as they help employers improve their firms.

Thus, helping in this manner increases bonding and commitment to the company. Employers gain since friends often work better together. Newcomers are more likely to stay when working with a friend.

Referrals open up opportunities for people who may not have degrees or more traditional credentials. Sometimes, a friend’s words about a strong work ethic or other skills are enough to attract the attention of managers.

Working outside the box makes the hiring process more human. People feel they are not just cogs in a machine but part of a community.

Breaking the Liberal Canons of Diversity

However, the practice is not without controversy. The referral advantage creates a dilemma among more liberal-oriented employers at woke corporations. Skipping to the head of the line violates the sacred canons of diversity employment, which calls for eliminating all biases.

In theory, everyone should get a fair chance at the opportunities. However, in practice, the deluge of automated applications at major companies makes careful consideration of each one impossible.

However, referral policies are not biased or discriminatory. It reflects a need to find the best possible candidate for the job regardless of identity. When job seekers almost effortlessly mass-produce resumes for submission, they should not expect instant employment as a reward.

Those who develop networking skills deserve extra consideration since these skills are helpful in business. These skills are also options open to everyone.

Not Plug and Play

The best employment practices are based on relationships, not quotas. Unfortunately, the Industrial Revolution introduced an attitude that devalued the worker as a mere part of a machine. It failed to consider many other factors that make workers more than just components.

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Indeed, employment is more than plug-and-play. No one denies that talents and skills related to jobs are important. However, hiring considerations must also include human relationships, networking, social skills and personal character. Such things do not translate well on AI-driven resumes or appear in avatar interviews.

The key is the human touch. Employers are finding that old-fashioned hiring strategies pay off. A return to order must restore the personal connections inside business, making it a means to fulfillment, not just a mechanical function.

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