Letter from Cardinal Medina

Letter from Cardinal Medina

Santiago, January 7, 2005 Director of ‘Acción Familia’ Dear Mr. Montes, I have received the copy of the book, Defending a Higher Law, which you kindly sent me I and sincerely thank you for having sent it. The theme of homosexuality has attracted the attention of moralists and historians for many centuries … Read more

A Bold Response to Scandals, A Clear Reaffirmation of Church Teaching

The American TFP TFP Books

The Catholic Church in America is facing one of the worst crises in its history. As in all catastrophes, the landscape is mired in chaos and disorder. Torrents of newsprint have exposed the sexual-abuse scandals but also have devastated the confidence of the faithful. The urgent calls for drastic reforms coming from … Read more

Tracing the Glorious Origins of Priestly Celibacy

Tracing the Glorious Origins of Priestly Celibacy 3

Self-appointed reformers always arise in times of crises offering “brilliant” solutions that attempt to demolish the Church’s most venerable traditions. Priestly celibacy, a glorious trait of the Latin Church, has been a constant target of these so-called reformers. Curiously enough, abolishing priestly celibacy comes hand-in-hand with destroying the indissolubility of marriage. This … Read more

Motu Proprio: Fin Dalla Prima Nostra

Motu Proprio: Fin Dalla Prima Nostra 2

Motu Proprio: Fin Dalla Prima Nostra Motu Proprio: In Our First Encyclical Motu Proprio of Pope Saint Pius X Concerning Popular Catholic Action In our first Encyclical to the Bishops of the world, in which we echo all that our glorious predecessors had laid down concerning the Catholic action of the laity, … Read more