America Must End the Socialist Dictatorship in Venezuela

Upon his election in 1998, the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez launched a “Bolivarian Revolution” that would create “socialism for the twenty-first century” funded by billions of petrodollars. Chávez, an admirer of Fidel Castro, very clearly sought to transform Venezuela … Continue reading

Saint Charbel: The Wonder Worker of Lebanon

  The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree. He shall grow like the cedar of Lebanon. (Ps. 91:13) The Biblical cedars of Lebanon have towered on mountaintops for thousands of years. Lebanon, a country mentioned in the Bible more … Continue reading

Arrested for Making Brownies?

Fours bakers have been arrested for the crime of baking brownies and an additional two bakers for using out-of-date wheat. Such news would otherwise be laughable, however this is reality in Caracas, Venezuela. Under the direction of former bus driver … Continue reading

The Great Bolivarian Famine

It is called Bolivarian rotation. According to this system, Venezuelans can only buy commodities in state markets on days matching the last digits of their national ID cards. On Monday, for example, the Bicentenário food chain caters to buyers whose … Continue reading

Socialized Medicine Scores Big in Venezuela

With civilized countries looking to depart from traditional methods of healthcare, and some forcibly implementing a socialist alternative, a quick look at how things are going in socialist Venezuela might give a taste of things to come. According to El … Continue reading

In Venezuela, Happiness for All—By Decree

Venezuelans are happy, or at least, will be soon. This claim is guaranteed by President Nicolás Maduro, “heir” of Hugo Chávez, who recently created a “Deputy Ministry of Supreme Social Happiness.” Although bizarre, this measure should not surprise anyone since, … Continue reading